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Alex Is Due anyday now.

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I have po9sted before but have not been around for awhile.

Our cat Alex is due anyday now,So wish us luck for a healthy kittens and a fast delivery.

She has been more vocal the last few days,She has started to groom herself so i think within the next few days we should be welcoming sweet little babies into the world!

Ill try and find a photo to post of her.

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Good luck!
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Good luck Definetely let us know when the little bundles arrive!!
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Just an update,Alex had 5 babies,4 survied,The 5th baby was stillborn.

2 beautiful Calicos,1 Black and White and the other is all white with a few tabby marks.

I will update with pictures once the batteries in my camera charge!

OH! almost forgot they were born July 1st (CANADA DAY!!)
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Congrats on the newborn Canada Day babies! I was in the same boat last Canada Day and was blessed with a litter of 8 kittens, yes 8 of them!!! They were all perfect and all went to friends of ours and we keep tabs on them. Good luck with the raising, I know that's my favourite part. I love everything about kittens and have a schedule I follow. I will begin my breeding program in November when my Sphynx girls are a year old....I cannot wait to see newborn bald babies!!! My stud is not ready as he's a bit younger but needed to be in order for him to not get any ideas before the girls were old enough.
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Hi there - just wondering if this is her first litter? she doesn't look like a young cat in your siggy that just may be the facial markings though.

ETA: I had a look at some of your old posts. I'm not sure what to say, but do you do rescue work or do your kitties just mate amongst themselves.

Lots of Babies this month lol!
I also found this quote from you - Sorry I may be out of line here, just really confused.
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I never seen this post until Now.It has been a year since my last visit.

No that was not Alex's First Litter she had a few,And no my cats do not breed amongst themselves,I only own females.I got alex pregnant when we first took ownership of her,She never botherd wanting to go outside so i put the spay off,Until she ran the door again,She repeatedly ran the door,So she had another litter,She is now spayed,and the only thing i have to worry about her now,Im constantly putting her on diets because she has put SOOO much weight on.

I hope that clears everything up,Ill try and find photos of her to add,To show the size difference.And she is not an old cat she is about 6. I dont know her exact age.
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