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Hind leg problems (bit long)

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My Cat Koda is about 13 months old, My (Army) unit went to the field for 2 and and a half weeks my husband stayed home. When I got back yesterday I noticed something was wrong with Koda's back legs. I didn't notice right away because his does not appear to be in any kind of distress at all. The only reason I did notice was because all three of my cats will come running to me if I kneel on the floor and snap my fingers because that usally means they are getting some kind of treat or lots of pets and Koda didn't come at first and when he did he came over to me and sat down in front of me I noticed he sat down kind of funny. So I checked him over and the only thing I could find wrong with him was he had runny eyes which both my Somalis get from time to time. I felt his back legs over and he didn't at any point seemed bothered that I was touching his legs. He dosen't seem to be in any pain I took out my 'da bird' to see if he would play with it and he tried to play with it like he always does but he seemed to have alot of weakness in his back legs. He walks normally like he always has but he doesn't run, he sits alot, and he can't jump up and jumping down off of our bean bag he fell over when he hit the ground. Does anyone know what the problem could be. I would have rushed him to the vet but there is no emergancy vet I can go to and I have to wait until monday to even call our base's vet.
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Just a thought but check around his butt area and see if it might be anal gland problem. they walk funny if they are getting a infected anal gland ..
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Since there's no swelling or obvious signs of being in pain, waiting till Monday should be ok - just keep an eye on him, of course. If you notice any bladder problems or such, obviously you'll have to get him to a vet sooner.

Maybe Koda was playing and twisted something or landed wrong and bruised his spine a little? Can your husband recall anything at all that could have caused it?

That he was just playing too rough and will be fine.
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The exact same thing is going on with my cat, he's the same age as yours too. He was perfectly fine up until this weekend, when I noticed he was tired, and he didn't want to use his hind legs. He doesn't have any pain though, he still uses his hind legs to scratch, and he moves them and stretches just fine when he's lying down. However, walking, and jumping were a problem for him yesterday. He would walk a few steps and then just give up in sit down. He's usually very lively, and rambunctious, so this is not his normal behavior. He does play out side alot, chasing around my other cats, and getting into to things, so I'm wondering if he hurt himself or if this is some other kind of internal problem. Other than this is he is fine. I notice this morning that he is more lively than he's was yesterday and the day before, and he is walking a lot better, even though, not 100%.

I'm wondering if I should still take him to the vet anyway.[/left][/right]
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I took Koda to the vet and they took some blood and some urine (poor Koda) they also did an X-ray to look for broken bones, there were none. We should have the results of the blood test by Friday. If the blood test come back clean then I have to take Koda and his brother up to the vet again because they want to compare Koda and Adian's muscles because Koda is really small muscle wise and they want to see if Adian is the same way so they can tell if it is normal or not because the vet has never treated a somali before, never even heard of a somali before I brought mine in. She's a really good Vet though and she really cares about the animals so that makes me feel better.
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