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Taking big steps now!

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Hi all!

I haven't been around much, and I miss you all! Even though most of you probably don't have a clue who I am.

I just have to share some exciting news! We got a new dog, Quincy, in February. Evie is used to dogs- we currently have one, and she knew two until our other dog died. But she was still on edge, and rightfully so. Quincy was NOT cat friendly!

So we've been using every trick in the book from day 1, and after a lot of baby steps, we were finally able to get them both almost relaxed in the same room without restraints!

Four months of itty bitty baby steps, and now look!

My big lap dog.

They're trying!

He's still in major "don't kill please!" mode with the kitty around, so he's always trying to get in my lap and underneath my legs. After a while he calms down, but look what he does, silly boy! Guess my feet don't stink too bad.

Just had to share with you guys!
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Those pictures are just too cute! Good news on the baby steps, as they say "slow and steady"! If Quincy keeps this up, he may even have a permanent home!
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I guess they both realize neither are going away so better make the best of it. Patience goes along way!
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Aww, they are too adorable!
Congrats on getting them to this stage. I could NEVER do it.
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Great job! They'll be cuddled together before too long
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Thanks guys! I'm very proud.

Last night we were able to leave Quincy in the bedroom with us, so for the first night since we got Quincy, Evie was able to have free run of the house again!
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That`s great! Just goes to show what can be acheived with a bit of patience and know how He`s a lovely looking dog
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What a beautiful dog. I've always wanted a doggy with merle coloration.
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