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Question about what my vet said.

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Ok so Figaro got neutered today. So he was not allowed to eat or drink past 8pm last night and the vet told me to give him small amounts of water, but not to feed him until Monday..... Does that sound right? My poor baby is crying at where his food dish should be because he is hungry. I am getting really upset . I understand not feeding him until tomorrow, but Monday?? Should I follow the vets orders or give him some food tomorrow? Figaro is not a fat cat, but he does love his food and I just can't see not letting him eat for that long. Any opinions?
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I have NEVER heard any vet recommend fasting a post-op cat that long. That's ridiculous. I always offer my cats food as soon as they come out of the anesthesia. They don't always eat it right away, but it's there for them. I would recommend calling your vet to ask for clarification, but obviously they're closed.

Personally, I'd feed him a little bit right now if he's asking for it. Not too much, because the anesthesia can cause vomiting, but just a little bit.
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I've never heard of not feeding them for that long either. That sounds terrible. I would also give him alittle tonight & I would think he should be able to eat regularly tomorrow.

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Wow that is some BAD ADVICE from that vet.
He should be allowed to eat a little bit at a time.
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I have rescued and gotten many, many cats spay/neutered. No vet in my area has ever said anything about not giving food for 4 days! You know they will develop liver and kidney damage very quickly if they don't eat.

Please call an emergency vet if you are unsure. If not, maybe feed several small meals over the day so his organs won't shut down.

I hope things work out for him and he gets to eat soon.
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Thanks! I thought that is seamed a bit ridiculous. There was no way I would have been able to go all day tomorrow with out feeding him. I gave him a little snack and he is fine. After about 2hrs of being home he was back to his usually self and started asking for food. Don't think I will be going back there again.....
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That's crazy! And not only that, it is also unhealthy! He should eat pretty much normally tomorrow...
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CALL the ER vet...
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
CALL the ER vet...
Just called they said it was ok if he ate a small meal tonight. I gave him a snack and will put his food dish back out for him tomorrow. He is much happier having some food in his belly and is asleep on my lap right now. Thank you again.
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Thank goodness you questioned the vet's instructions. That is absurd! My cat ate the same day he came home from being neutered. I would probably say something to the vet clinic.
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Originally Posted by KatGoddess View Post
Thank goodness you questioned the vet's instructions. That is absurd! My cat ate the same day he came home from being neutered. I would probably say something to the vet clinic.
I just might! I wounder what other people do?? It was awful he was sitting where his food dish goes and crying.
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My vet sends them home the same day, once they are good and awake, usually about 4 p.m. They say not to feed right away, but that's only 24 hours without food! I usually offer food after a few hours if they are acting normal enough that I don't have to worry about the cat nodding off at the dish and suffocating itself. One or two have demanded food immediately after coming home, and if I'm going to be home to make sure they don't throw up I let them have it.
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I just got my cat and dog "fixed" and was told they can get 1/4 of their usual amount... right away when home....and then another 1/4 that evening and then back to normal feeding the next day..
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Before condemning the vet, check and see if there was a reason why he said not to feed until Monday. If your kitty reacted to the anesthetic or had another complication during surgery (for example, a slight nick of the intestine that did not constitute a perforation (major concern)) could warrant witholding food for an additional period of time. If the surgery was on Saturday, this would be VERY GOOD advice for the vet to provide - however, they should have let you know the reason.
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it is standard to not feed the cat after 8pm on the night before surgery. Reason being you want an empty stomach so the cat doesn't vomit. Sedation can make anyone nautious, and you do NOT want them vomiting if they aren't fully concious since you risk them aspirating it. When I was sedated, I wasn't allowed to eat anything.

Then they recommend you not feed after you get home. Same basic reason. A lot of cats come out of sedation quite slowly and can become sick if they eat while still under the effects of the sedation. Most go home and sleep the rest of the day. Not all.

If your cat is begging for food after surgery, then offer a very small amount, and wait and see. If after 20-30 minutes the cat doesn't vomit, then you can feed another small amount, and so on until the cat stops begging.

This post appears as though it was started on Sunday. If that is the case, then not feeding until monday is reasonable. Any other day then it is not. Cats really shouldn't go more than 48 hours with out food.
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All 4 of mine 2 boys and 2 girls, had no food 12 hours before surgery, and my vet kept them over night, and I am sure they were not fed then, I was told they could have small feeding once they got home, and normal amounts the next day, as long as they were not vomitting. As long as they are healthy, they should be fine. It's tought to watch them go with out......
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