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Litter doesn't bother me

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Some people hate cleaning the litter box-which is understandable. I tolerate it-maybe even like it (not loving it of, course)? I know it's poo, but I like the way the litter sounds when I sift it, and it makes me happy knowing I'm caring for the cat. Am I just gross, or normal? Maybe it's because I loved sandboxes and making mud pies as a kid. I'm also not that squeamish.

I feel so weird asking thus!
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Of course not. Even changing diapers is enjoyable when it's your own child. Being squeamish serves some survival purposes for us, and keeps us from unsafe things, but I think when your brain understands something to be for a better purpose (happy kitty butts ) then what we can shelve our reactions and just do the job. I don't think it's odd at all.

I'm also glad our generation of cat care includes scoopable litter - that old clay stuff must have been awful to have to deal with every day!
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I don't run all excited to the litter box, in a "yeyey time to clean" kind of way, but I do like it too.
I like to know they will have a clean, healthy place to poop and pee, and I also like to (ok, gross) inspect it... Bugsy has a tendency to have hairballs and soft stools, so I like to keep an eye on it...
For me cleaning their box is part of being a good mommy, so it is my pleasure to do it
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I applaud you all who like it. As I've had many a conversations with the boys about how I'd like to know when they are going to start cleaning my bathroom since I clean theirs.

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I don't mind it that much. If it didn't involve bending over and then having to get back up off the floor it would almost be a pleasant activity. It is preferable to cleaning the bathrooms...
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