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Anyone else with a "crazy" vet?

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We took our kitten Halo to the vet yesterday. We recently switched vets to this "new one" (to me at least). My husband was very into reptiles 15 years ago and this vet was the only herp one in the area. He told me he was a lil on the wacky side but great with animals. Oh boy, was he right.....
First of he entered the room and got in all fours, basically. Halo started hissing and all. he came closer to the cat and started acting like, well, another cat. He started rubbing the kitty like crazy telling me he was showing him who the boss was. By now hubby and i could no longer make eye contact for pure fear of losing it.
He spent at least 10 minutes just having one-on-one with the cat. From rubbing noses to sniffing each other and all. I had a few laughs, couldn't help it. Did I mentioned he gave Halo a chewable wormer and was basically showing him how to eat it? Yeah baby. He also did not recognize my husband, but he has been thru some "tough times" personally.....
Needless to say he is a great vet he obviously cares for animal not the $ signs. We will definetly go back, not only for the great care he had for my animal but also for the laughs we got out of it
Figure I would share
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Where are you in VA?
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Madison Heights,near
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Thanks for sharing the visual... You gave me the laugh out loud of the day! I wish I had one of those vets.... Can you imagine him litter box training a cat?
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Originally Posted by rockstarkitties View Post
Madison Heights,near

Darn, I'm in Montgomery County, MD. I wish there was a cat vet nearby (literally as I do not drive).
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Why arn't they teaching this in vetinary school any more!?!
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That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! I want that vet!
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What a show!
Personally, that would make me highly uncomfortable, but
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Wow, I'm glad I don't go to that vet. I'd be constantly stiffling my giggles!

My vet is a little odd, but in a wonderful way. He's called Rob and what makes him odd is that he has a true connection with animals. They all just adore him, no matter what age or species. And I must say, I adore him too.
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