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Organs - how do you do it?

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Well I think this is the right idea but I wanted to just write it down and get second opinions on it. I have Liver, kidney and heart in my fridge. I am going to alternate each one day to day. So we had liver today tomorow I'll do heart then it'll be kidney on monday then start again back at liver on Tuesday. I weigh it out 20g each cat and watch to make sure no one else is stealing any one elses organs. Slight problem today as the girls (Nefertiti and Symphony) stuck their pampered little noses up at the liver (so they havnt had any). So I am slightly concerned they won't have had their vitamins for today, however its only the first time I've tried them with it and I hope they'll take the heart tomorow.

How do you feed your cats organs?

Also am I missing anything out?

I'm still reading and studying thanks for all your advice, and I'm telling my friends all about feeding raw it really is the best thing in the world!!
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My boys loved hearts, were okay with kidney and hated liver I had to slighly cook the liver--just enough to give the outside some bite.

Unfortunately I had to leave the world of raw and I'm only going to offer it a few times a week for dental health. Between my new job and hubbies, plus the new kitten and the turtles I just can't do it.

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I mix kidney or heart in with their meat chunks, chicken livers they will eat whole by themselves.

Don't worry about balancing daily, I work over a week. Others do 2-4 weeks.
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You're doing great, RussianKitten!

A couple of things to keep in mind....

For raw-feeding purposes, heart is considered a meat, not an organ, and should be counted as part of the 80% meat portion. It is also the meat with the highest taurine count, so it's good to keep it as part of the regular diet.

Liver is necessary in a raw-feeding schedule, but make sure you don't go over 5% of the total food fed. It contains Vitamin A, which is not water soluble and can be overdosed.

If you want to feed liver twice a week, add up how many ounces of food your cat(s) eat in a week, multiply that by five percent, then divide that number by two. Whatever the result, that's how much liver you want to feed in each of the two weekly meals. Make sense?

Your other organ amount (kidney or spleen or lung or whatever) should also equal about 5% of the total food intake. So however many ounces of liver you calculated per week in the previous paragraph is also how many ounces of other organ you should feed each week.

Hope this helps!
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