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He just will not cover up his pee

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My 5 yr. old male cat will not cover his pee with litter in the litter box. He's been doing this for the past 3 yrs. now. I don't understand why he started to do this. No matter how clean the litter box is or even if it has just been cleaned, he's to lazy to cover it. He just pee's and goes. As you male cat owners know, it's not a very pleasant thing to come home and your house is overwhelmed with male cat pee odor. I have to be the one to cover it with litter or the other cat does this for him. I know it can't be because of another cat using the same box since she has only been with us for 1 year now. Any suggestions on what I can do or just as to why he is doing this? Thanks.
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My first thought is how deep is your litter? Try filling the pan up so far you wonder why in the world am i putting this much litter in here? Then see what happens.
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I've noticed that Trent does this too. He just doesn't feel the need to cover. He was raised underfoot, although I don't know the circumstances since we got him at a pet store (I know, BAD - but I didn't know it then ). He never had been real fastidious with covering in the litterbox, just the opposite of our little feral girl Ophelia. She digs to China to cover her stuff up!
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If he is neutered his pee shouldn't be that strong. I wonder whether he has a urinary tract infection or something that is both making his urine extra strong and making him was to get away from the box real fast at the same time.

Two of my cats never cover their pee...one a female and one a male. With the female, I think she is just lazy. With the male, I think it is his way of telling the world he is present.
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Unfortunately he isn't neutered. I'm hoping sometime within the next couple of months that he will be. He isn't spraying, just pee and go. The litter is around 2.5 to 3 inches deep. I wish there was a way of breaking him of this.
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Most likely he doesn't cover as that is his territory and he wants everyone to know it.
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If marking his territory by not covering it is the reason, it's a whole lot better than the alternative - spraying.
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bobbie(female) doesn't really cover her pee either... she makes a big show of scraping at the top and the sides of the litter box though... (our litter box is two feet deep with about three inches of litter at the bottom...) as there's nothing wrong with her i'm convinced she just doesn't like the smell of pee on her paws... zooey(female) on the other hand spends about 30seconds digging before she pees or poos and then another minute or so afterwards covering it all up...both have been spayed...

if there's nothing wrong with your cat then perhaps this is just his own personal preference.... i have to agree with heidi though... it is better than the alternative...

he might stop after you neuter him... but if he doesn't maybe you could try an air freshner near the kitty litter...
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Once he is neutered and the testosterone is out of his system, his pee wont smell very much at all. It is the testosterone that makes it stink.
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