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Introductions for a 2 month kitten to a five year old

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I just recently went out and adopted a new kitten, she is two months old and has been basically with me for the past few days. Itès been quite difficult as my resident feline (Felice) is not social and is stressing out some. I kept the kitten and me in my bedroom which turned out not be a good idea cause it got extremely hot in there for some reason even with the fan, the kitten was perfectly fine while I wasnt, I suffer from IBS and I was extremely sick from the stress and worrying over what my huge baby would do to this little baby, so I just kep her in my room and let felice enjoy the house. Though this morning was not fun woke up to huge growling and hissing, and saw that felice was looking from underneath the door at the kitten. The kitten seemed a bit scared but after holding her went back straight to purring (not the way I wanted them to meet). But ever since she knows theres a kitten, she is always looking under the door, we are covering the bottom up so she can not see the kitten but still looks under which makes it hard for me to leave the room incase Felice jumps into the room or the kitten does. A bit later my parents (who are not patient.. especially my mom cause the stress has gotten me so sick Ive been throwing up) my dad was holding the kitten and my mom was holding felice, and felice was just growling.. no hissing though, just growling which is not too bad and she was not scratching at my mom to get at the kitten. She seems to always want to be where the kitten is and will wait behind the door, so I am not too sure what to think.. I think the growling was just empty threats and all, and I was thinking about having the food dishes between the doors so that they can get used to each others smell. I am just worrying alot I guess and I would hate to see my cat felice so unhappy. Felice has always went after the neighbourhood cats but I was hoping that maybe the two would learn to get along. I am trying for patience but I am really new at this, and I could use some advice. Maybe get that feliway? I had the kitten playing on a soft blanket for a day and then I bought it outside for Felice, she just sniffed at it.. no growling or anything which is good and only seems to want to see the kitten until she does see it and then growls.
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I'm dealing with a very similar situation except I have two adults and a 9 week old kitten. My adults are male and my kitten a female she has been in the house a week.

Slow and steady. One of my males is completely okay with kitten now, my other male is still hissing and growling.

If seeing each other is too much for either to handle-stop, and only allow them to use their sense of smell and obviously sound. It may take awhile weeks or even a month or more. Go at their pace not yours.

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