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Do cats prefer hot or cold weather?

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Just wondering if anyone knew. My girls stay on the perch by the open window, even if it is over 90 degrees with dewpoints over 75. It's misserable out, and yet there they are. enjoying it (I think). One has been running out the doggy door and staying under the deck. It is sooooo hot under there.. Why???? I've blocked doggy door so she can't go out now, but I'm wondering if I keep their room too cool? should I turn off the ceiling fan, or close the grate so the a/c doesn't get back there? I just don't know what they would prefer.
any help?

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My boys prefer fall and spring because thats when the windows are open. So they like cooler weather.

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Cats seem to like to be warm. I read somewhere that their whiskers are so sensitive that they can detect the warmest spot in a room to within a degree. I'll have to dig and see where I found that at.
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It depends on the kitty, their fur coat, the climate they are accustom to, and the daily physical activity and visual entertainment they have. The most important thing for them is having a comfortable perch to watch the outside world. I definitely agree with you that high temperatures and humidity are not safe for them to adventure out in. Cats are creatures of nature and when they are indoors a lot, the outdoors has much to offer. They can easily be drawn into the chase and dangerously exhaust themselves quickly in hot, humid weather.
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It is a sticky day here today too, and very warm, While the human tried to nap Miss Ginger stared a hole into me till I woke up, sitting directly under the AC "Hey, mom! See this big box above my head? If you plug that dangly thing coming out of it you tell me not to chew on into that slot thingy in that wall, then push those button doohinkeys, COLD comes out of it!"
She is much happier now that is in fact on now. Then again, I have seen her bask in the sun on the hottest of days.
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Mine love the heat in the conservatory, but Rosie usually goes into the kitchen or the livingroom where it's cooler, but then she'll come straight back in after a while
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Mine seem to prefer the heat. I can't tolerate the warm weather, so my air conditioning is set pretty low. The girls use the cat door in the back door to access the sun room. Right now, it's about 85°F and 80% humidity out there. Yuck. They seem to be lovin' it. They don't appreciate it when I chase them back inside for the night. They wait at the door, as soon as I awaken in the morning, and beg to go back out on the porch.
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That is so interesting. I guess they would like it warm, but hot. I keep it about 68-74 in the house. People tell me it seems too cold. I also have a seperate a/c unit in the bedroom that I use a lot. I keep it set at about 67 and low humidity, and I'm comfortable, but poor dh freezes all night. He has blankets and all for his side. My dogs sleep under the covers, and when the Smoke comes in, she sleeps on top of the sheet. I'm probably freezing them out too. I can't take heat, and must always have a fan on.

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Good question...I'm not sure haha. My younger cat, Jasper, seems to really like playing in snow and would stay outside pretty late during the I think some cats do enjoy cold weather.

I think some cats just like being warm when sleeping, but the rest of the time they aren't bothered so much by cold.
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The key here is that cats like to be able to get warm and lay in the sun when they choose. They don't like to be forced to be too warm or hot. Outdoor cats will go find somewhere cool to spend the day when it's in the 90s or higher here. When it's hits 100F they, like many other animals, don't want to come out of their hiding spots.

So I'd answer no, cats do not like hot weather. If you look at a cat's habits this also makes sense - they're a more nocturnal species. In their original environment (and even back before domestication) this would be to help avoid the heat during the day.

They don't like it really cold either but I've noticed that on cooler days in the fall and even breaks from the heat in the summer will perk them up and make them frisky.
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It's been in the upper 80's the past few days and my three are sleeping more than usual, which I didn't think was possible!
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Our ferals and outside cats seem to do quite well in the 110+ degree weather.

Our temps have been known to hit the 120 mark, and maintain similar temps throughout the summer.

I just make sure that the cats have plenty of fresh water, and feed them canned food for added moisture, along with the dry food I provide.

I'm amazed at how well they survive and live in this heat.

So, I think they prefer the hot or warm temps.
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Do anyone's indoor cats get irritable in hot weather?
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I don't know for sure, but I've tried turning off the fan and closing the a/c vent a little to make it warmer in their room. they just seems to hang around and sleep. not much playing, but then, if I keep it comfortable for me, they seem to stay curled up. Strange animals......but I them

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Mine seem to prefer cooler weather, to some extent. They had very little energy when my air conditioning went out, once. On the other hand, that might be because this is Arizona.

If I had to guess, I would say that cats are better adapted for cold than hot, because of the built-in fur coat.
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I thought I was doing my cat a favor by leaving the ac on when I go to work since it's like 90 out. But, I started to realize that when I come home he is always out on the enclosed porch that he gets to thru a cat door and that's the only place that has no ac. So, I am assuming he likes it hot and now I turn the ac off when I am not home.

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Welcome to TCS. You have posted to an old thread, but the information is still relevant. I have a screened-in back porch and the ladies like to be out there no matter what the weather.

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As I posted before - I think they are mostly warm weather creatures.


However, about 4 years ago a young stray adopted us, and he grew to be more like a Maine Coon, and he definitely suffers in the heat.  We've had to give him a lion cut the last three summers, but because he needs to be under anesthesia and our funds are very low we are finding cooler places in the house for him.


I just now brought him an ice pack.


So, I guess it really depends on the breed of cat and how much fur they're wearing. :)

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They are genetically almost identical to the African Wild Cat. That's why they don't drink much water.

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Why does my cat like to stay outdoors in the heat?

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All cats are heat-loving and -seeking animals. I see mine hanging out on the back porch, laying in a pool of sunlight, when it is 98 degrees out there. And yet still want to be outside when it is below freezing.

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I have a few cats, My norway forest and her son a norway forest cross taby actualy like warm temps mainly body heat though and love to cudle up to my brother, my othet cats with thinner coats like the to be outdoors and cooler more.
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Hi LakeB and welcome to TCS! :wavey:  This thread is a few years old now; I'm not sure how many of the original posters are still active at this time; so you might not see many responses.  :)


Please come introduce yourself in our New Cats on the Block forum! :hi: 

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