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What was your favorite summer activity as a child?

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School ended in my area this week and the kids are trying to have fun despite the very persistent rain.

What was your favorite summer activity when you were a kid?

I always used to look forward to the arts & crafts classes at the recreational area near my house.
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I love that smiley it always reminds me of Kelly (not because its what she looks like )

We use to go to the a club every summer. Hang out by the pool, socialize, get some sun. We use to do it all summer.
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Growing up, we lived next to a park that had an outdoor pool facility that my sister and I lived at during the summer. For twenty five cents, you could rent a basket to store your clothes, and swim all day! The same park had two rinks and a warming house for skating in the winter. There was also the Community Center, with an indoor pool, basket ball court, game room (with pool tables!) children's movies and cartoons, and craft lessons. My sister and I had tons to do as children!
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Nice thread Karen.
I loved to ride my bright red, JC Higgins bicycle, with it's handle bar basket, across town to the public swimming pool. After our swim, we would pool our pennies to buy candy, so that had the energy to ride back home for dinner.
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We have an inground pool in the backyard and basically lived in it, but we would go pool hopping around the neighborhood with our cousins because they had the same exact pool we did, and then our other cousin had a pool too, we all lived on the same street.
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Water fights! Though still to this day I have a scar above my eye from a boy from the neighborhood throwing a glass of water at me , well trying to, and hitting me in the face with the glass (made of plastic the impact did the damage)
On the plus side I had him wrapped around my finger for the rest of the summer, all I had to do was whine about my eye!
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Swimming!! Loved it!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Swimming!! Loved it!
Yep that too. We were the family on the block with the pool (hence all the water fights)
Camping out in the yard in the REAL tent, not one made of blankets hanging off the clothes line. Hanging out in the blanket drapped over the clothes line.
Swimming and basking in the sun like a big lizzard.
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Going camping with my family in interesting places across the country. I managed to see the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, the Black Hills in South Dakota, Wisconsin (specifically Peninsula State Park north of Green Bay), Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, southern Arizona, and a lot of states in between as a child. We always ate off the camp stove, but sometime during those trips we'd all beg dad to stop at an A&W drive in. I'd get the mama burger (minus the mustard), french fries, and their famous root beer, then had to beat off my brothers and sisters from eating my fries. I still get teased about how I protected my fries.

When dad got too busy with the boy scouts over the summer, my next favorite thing to do was to head up to the community pool with my best friend Heidi. I didn't know how to swim, but we still spent hours splashing in that pool.
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Swimming at all my friend's houses
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Swimming and pretty much anything else to do with the water. I grew up living right beside a large river. We use to love to swim, canoe and sail. I was also big on fishing, and my most favorite was swimming in the rain.
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Going the the neighborhood pool with all my friends. Also, my grandfather had a house on a lake (we called it "the cabin") and we'd go swimming, boating, skiing, etc almost every weekend. Every summer my parents would take us up to Minnesota to a little camping place with cabins called "Little Norway". We would fish a lot, go to state parks, and various other things. I loved going up there!!
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All summer, I was in the pool. You couldn't get me out of the water hardly at all! If I wasn't in the pool, then my nose was buried in a book.

I also Loved fishing and camping...anything outdoors!
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I spent my summers at what we called 'play school'. It was a program put on by the local parks department at the public schools, including a craft session, board games, contests (jump rope & hopscotch), and softball. You could participate in what ever you felt like; my days were usually a craft project then a couple of hours of softball with 1 other girl and a slew of boys. When the 'organized' program ended late afternoon we'd hang around a play hide and seek or kick the can.
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I loved to go to the lake. Swim and make sandcastles collect shells.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I love that smiley it always reminds me of Kelly (not because its what she looks like )
Keep digging your hole Pam

We used to always be in the park, swimming or in the cul de sac playing games. My Mum used to call me in at night and i would shout back "10 More minutes!", which always ended up another 30
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I always looked forward to our family vacations each summer. Something crazy always winded up happening usually involving me I also used to spend a lot of time with my aunt and uncle going camping and swimming in their pool for the summer
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I absolutely love swimming. I lived with my grandparents for a long time when I was a young kid and they have a great pool. I was always in it, and everyone called me a fish since I was even more comfortable in water than out.
I also loved riding my bike and reading. I don't have a bike anymore, but I'm still the biggest bookworm you'll ever meet.
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Swimming, and playing field hockey with the neighborhood kids.
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Nature, hundreds of acres to run free, it was awesome and still remains a place of my sweetest dreams! The pool, sports, the hot days, I love everything about the heat!
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In the summer, my mother would go swimming every day, so my best friend (who lived across the street) and I would go along every morning. Then we would go swimming again with my best friend's family, who went in the afternoon.

I always went away to a couple of summer camps every summer, too, and went to vacation bible school with my best friend (her dad was a pastor). When we weren't doing that, we were at her house during the day or camping out in our back yard at night.

Back then, we could look up at the night sky and see the Milky Way.
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My grandpa has a big in ground swimming pool at his house. We (mom and my brother and I) drove out there a few times a week to go swimming. We played dodgeball and kickball with the neighborhood kids and hide and seek. We also played "Sardines," a variant of hide and seek where only one person goes to hide and everyone else has to find them, and when you find the person you have to squeeze into the hiding place with them. The last one to find all the hiding people is the next sardine. I went to girl scout camps and YMCA summer camps, usually day camps with crafts and hiking and field trips. I also spent a LOT of time at the library and with books, and drawing and painting pictures.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post

What was your favorite summer activity when you were a kid?
There were so many. But I guess the best was taking my bicycle and ride it the whole day with my friends.
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When I was eight, I went to a horse camp, 7 weeks riding and interactive care with horses. That was the happiest summer of my childhood!
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Zoo Camp... I only went one week a year but that week was always my favourite week. We got to stay over at the Toronto Zoo one night and attended day camp during the day. The weekend before Grandma and Grandpa would always take me sailing in Wiarton Ontario!
Those are my fav memories of summer!
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Catching lightning bugs/fireflies in a jar and catching june bugs and tying a string to them. (They were eventually realeased.)
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Spending the hot summer days at the beach..And going to the YMCA day camp..
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Spending summers at the lake - boating, fishing, basking in the summer sun on the pier, and SWIMMING! I used to freak my mother out because I used to pretend I was a mermaid and was able to hold my breath for a really long time.

Life was so much fun then .
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We would spend all summer by the pool, getting burnt unfortunately, but having loads of fun. Summers seemed so endless back in the day! All us kids were outside playing, swimming, running around the whole time and having fun.
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Swimming, definitely! One summer my sister bought pool passes for the nice "aquatic center" in the suburbs and we went swimming almost every day.
The beach is nice too but a lot of Chicago's beaches are kinda rocky when you get near the water, which I personally don't like (hurts my feet.)
Bike riding was a big one too and also hiking and going to the park, but I don't necessarily think of those as summer activities because I would start those as soon as it was warm enough (early spring.)
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