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I have two cats, one is named Fluffy and the other is named Molly. Fluffy we got awhile ago and shes about 8 years old now. Molly is about 1 year old but thats not what matters.

The older cat Fluffy has been peeing on stuff since we first got her. When we went to the vet they said nothing was wrong and its just a behavioural problem. So time went on and she never stopped. Today she peed in a bathroom on the floor and my mom had enough. She wants to get rid of her now. She's going to take her to a vet claiming shes a stray. And if that doesn't work then shes going to let her out the backdoor. I've been reading about lots of different ways to help my cat out this morning and i want to try some of them. But my mom wants to get rid of her today. I want to keep both our kitties because i love them both. Please I don't know what to do
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One question is, you had surely did make your tries to learn her proper usage of litter?? So what did you do, which tries?

I presume she is neutered??

some common advices:

Do have a couple or even several litters in different places, so she never has long to a litter.

No parfumed litter.

the litter never in the open. In a corner is good, or at least near a wall.

If it is such litterhouse with roof and plastic doors: some cats are afraid of these doors. Consider take the doors off!

If you suspect her going to pee - take he to the litter. If she pees there - do praise her, perhaps even give some treat.

Do never yell or punish... Not at peeing, not in other occasions. (peeing may be the way be a nervous reaction against something....)

If she often pees on beds - lie out an aluminium foil on the bed. OR a plastic sheet. (easier with plastic sheet). Cats dont like the sound nor feeling.

A classical way of retraing is to have her in one small room - bathroom perhaps! she, a litter in one corner, food in another, water in third, sleeping place /igloo in fourth corner.
Usually they use the litter in this conditions. After some days, open also next room. Preferably with a litter in there too....
And so on...

A Feliway diffuser can be verry usuful.

It is propably not easy as she is used now to pee wherever she wants...

If you dont manage, consider to slowly learning her to be outdoors kitty... Perhaps it will work. Although as ougoing kitty she will of course have dangers an indoors kitty never has. But dumping nor pts will not be "necessary".

Good luck!
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