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Finding Nemo

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I'm trying to convince the S/O to go with me.....so I'm hoping those of you who have seen it liked it.

One of my friends just told me ellen degeneres does an amazing job.
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I want to go and see it but Mike says wait for the video- too many kids in the audience and he hates that. I do want to see it though- and I usually don't like these type of movies, except I loved SHREK!
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We saw it on Sunday- LOVED IT!!!!!! I started crying during the first scene, and found myself wiping away tears many more times during the movie.

My kids were riveted, but so were my hubby and I. Its definitely good for all ages- and the animation is absolutely second to none.

Ellen indeed does an amazing job as the forgetful little fish, Dorey. And you couldn't ask for anything cuter than little Nemo. You fall in love with the characters and your heart aches for them.

Five stars, two thumbs up and anything else that applies, from this family
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We'll probably go this weekend if our son's mother hasn't already taken him (if she has we'll find another movie). I have 3 free tickets from a job well done at work so I wanted to use them in a fun way.
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I want to see it.. it looks adorable! I am waiting until the mad rush is over though... and I'll probably go late at night... the latest time available, which usually means the least amount of children.

As a sidenote - I really disliked Shrek. Everyone I know that saw it raves over it, but I just couldn't get into it. I just kept thinking... gosh they're awfully mean to that poor donkey.
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I saw it on opening night and I LOOOOOOOVED it. I think I made a post about it soon after watching it. I reccommend everyone go see it. All of ya! You'll love it. It's so ding dang funny, and there are some parts where you will want to wipe away tears. It is a movie for any age.

Hissy, Craig and I went to a late show, and there wasn't a single child in the audience. Maybe you and hubby could catch a late show? It's a long time to wait until you can rent it
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Oh- half the fun of going to see it was listening to the chorus of little giggles from the kids in the audience!
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This is a wonderful movie. I just loved it. I went with my granddaughter who is 2 1/2 years old. This was her first movie. She was a little disappointed because she had been to see Sesame Street Live earlier in the year and she thought Nemo, Bruce, and the other characters would come down in the audience. She went to sleep about half way, but still liked the movie. Although, her favoriate part was the short movie before Nemo started. She asked if we could rewind it.

I agree with Melissa, half the fun is listening to the children giggle and make comments throughout the movie. Depending on the age it so real to them.
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It was awesome! Hissy, go to a late show, that's what we did. No kids, just a bunch of adults enjoying a guilty pleasure!
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Haven't seen it yet..but I'm dying to..I agree to go to a late show. We could wait to rent it but we probably will go see it in the next weekend.
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It is a wonderful movie. The animation is some of the best I have seen. I saw it with my Granddaughter, she if five and she loved it.

It is definitely worth seeing on the big screen with the sound effects.
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I just saw this last night and it was incredible! Pixar amazes me... they do amazing work. And Ellen Degeneres was terrific as Dory. Too cute! (As a sidenote - it was barely 5 minutes into the movie before I started tearing up. Usually I'm a bit better and can wait for the end. )
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Are you guys serious? Cartoons? ..LOL

I wanna see it, BUT seeing as I have just been two movies in 12 hours it may have to wait a few days.

I loved Shrek. I have that on Tape.
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