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Has raw changed your cats behaviour?

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I don't know if its just me but Im sure I've noticed a change in my four kittens tho I've only been doing the raw for 4 days now. It seems kittens are so much more active and alert. They seem more engaged in things and are sleeping less. They seem a lot more well, like kittens!! I wondered what other changes cat owners have seen in their pets by switching them to raw from commercial pet foods?
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Mine were all raw fed right from the start by their breeder so I have no comparison, I'm glad you are seeing positive changes though

You should see a change in the litterbox, less odour. Coats should be softer, shinier over time too. Teeth healthier from chewing bones.
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Energy! No doubt about it. Jeta has pretty much a couch potato when I first got her. At first I thought it was just because she had been living mostly in a cage for 5 months. Then at my house she was the "newcomer" and so might be a little restrained. But after having her for 6 months she was still pretty lazy. She obviously liked to play, just didn't have much stamina. Within a couple of days of feeding raw she became a silly little play machine. It's really a hoot to watch her! She plays like a kitten! With Zara it is the same. She just obviously has more energy.

Toby and Coco don't eat raw and considering how hyper they already are I'm really not sure whether I want to see what they would be like on raw!
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I have three almost three-year-old siblings and two from a second litter that are nine months old.

Originally, there was a marked difference between the behavior of the adults and the kittens. I always thought it was natural; kittens are supposed to be full of energy, right? And of course adult cats are laid-back!

The transformation in behavior after I started feeding raw was off the charts insane. I now have five kittens who chase each other through the house, over the furniture, up one side of the entertainment center (over six feet tall) and down the other. I know it drives my downstairs neighbors nuts (thank goodness we're on friendly terms), but it makes me smile and laugh all the time. I know my babies are doin' good.

Beyond any other point, fact, story, benefit, etc., the profoundness of that change proved to me incontrovertibly that commercial foods aren't all they claim they are, or should be. I was feeding several of the very best wet foods available (non-grain, non-fish) in rotation, and STILL, my cats were obviously not at peak health.

The other big change is the litter box, but that one benefits me more than it does them!
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My cat has been eating raw for 2 weeks now.
This week was the first week 100% raw.

The changes already are incredible. First thing I noticed --- stool is much less in volume (not hard, not soft, just LESS OF IT) and A LOT less stinkier. Like, I was shocked. Like Auntie, I was feeding the high quality canned (Wellness) and am just blown away by how much better my cat's litter is even just switching from that to raw. I wasn't sure at first it would make that big a difference, but the difference is amazing.

Seems to enjoy eating more.

Cat has much more energy at playtime & during the day now. Used to just sleep all day, not do much, but now he actively comes looking around.

Seems friendlier, too - but maybe that's just me...
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