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easier access to logout?

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maybe it's just me, but is the only way to log out to go back to the main page and click on logout? Maybe it would be a good idea to have access to the logout feature on each of the forums?

Otherwise, GREAT SITE!! Love the people, and the pictures!
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I agree.

I believe if they wanted to the board owners could add a button such as the ones about for rules, usercp etc.. for Logging out. I made the board owner of the board I admin for do it

Good suggestion! although I never log out
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Why would anyone ever need to logout? I say get rid of the evil logout feature all together!!!
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I don't think most people log out when they leave, but I may be wrong.

Maybe Anne will jump in here and discuss if we can add an extra log out button to the top.
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I have to admit, I've given up on logging out because of having to go to the main page. I just leave. Though there is a cookies feature that you can switch off in the User Control Panel under Edit Options, in Logins, Cookies and Privacy with the second option being
Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies) and select 'no' so when you do leave, you're automatically logged out.

And when you return, you can login.
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Mines on cookies and when ever I'm on TCS and it d/c's I r/c and then my cookies just "log" me back in, no passwording or anything hay hang on I don't even know my password !!
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We have been having trouble logging out and now the kids and hubby have to go online under my username as it refuses to kick me off! LOL I guess it is so used to it being me I can't leave!!
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LOL! Teresa.
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