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We're headed to the Vet next week

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but I'd like to get some ideas about the possibilities of Phoebe's problem so that I'll be better prepared for the visit and have an idea of what to expect or anticipate.

She's been limping on her left front leg for several months. Since she loves to go to high places and jump, I first thought that she may have sprained something.

I touched her leg and paw in several places and she didn't complain or try to pull away.

There were times she wasn't limping very badly, other times more.

She uses her paw to scratch on the various scratching posts, or paw at the window - using it like her leg or paw aren't in pain.

She sits holding her leg up - yet, is still active in running around the house.

One day I was walking past her as she was up in her tree with her paw hanging over the shelf and I was able to notice some brown stuff between her toes. I smelled it and it smelled like feces.

We managed to clean up her paw - the pad looked a little raw. I assumed the rawness was from her trying to clean up her paw. The stuff was impacted really deeply between her toes and it took a lot to get it cleaned up. I oiled her foot with virgin olive oil, then almond oil.

After the cleaning she was still limping, but not nearly as much so, I assumed that it was the raw pad and now that her paw was clean, that she wouldn't be licking at it and that she would be fine.

These past two weeks my daughter and family have been visiting, and they left their dog with me to doggie sit. I say that to explain why I haven't been to the vet yet.

About 2 days ago she began limping more. I was able to look at her paw, and the brown stuff is back - and, again it has the odor of feces.

It could be feces - but, she doesn't usually even cover up her feces - our older cat will go and cover it up for her. Both our male cats are very particular about getting their stuff covered. I guess it's so icky to her she doesn't even want to bother, OR - her paw is too painful to do any housekeeping. ??

It's Friday - I was going to clean up her paw again - but, I'm re-thinking cleaning it so that the vet will be able to see what I'm talking about.

My daughter suggested perhaps a fungus - anybody else have some ideas?
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Sounds like maybe some kind of fungus or an untreated cut/scratch that may be abscessed or something. Be sure to ask the vet to culture it to get a firm diagnosis.
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It might smell because it is infected, and would need to be cleaned a few times a day. The vet would give you some antibiotics I guess. Sounds like and untreated infection. She may have cut it on one of her landings, or maybe it was bit in a fight with the other cat.
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Didn't do a culture. When I asked about it she said it wasn't necessary. I didn't push, but will if her problem continues I will be more aggressive in requesting the culture. The brown stuff didn't have an odor like the first time. Maybe, earlier, she did get into some feces while she was in the litter pan?

Vet couldn't really tell what the problem was. She thinks that there may have been an object in Phoebe's paw and that it possibly dissolved, or - if Phoebe cut it, that it was basically healed.

She did cut the crusted part out. When she put stuff under a microscope there were only a few bacteria - nothing like would appear if infected.

The Vet wanted to give her an antibiotic shot just to be sure that bacteria didn't start developing because of her cleaning out the paw and taking out the brown crusted stuff - I declined - will treat topically with antibiotic ointment.

The vet will be calling Monday (6/29) to see how Phoebe is doing.
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