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I smelled the roses today

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Well, not exactly the roses, but today after lunch, I walked from the restaurant where DH and I had lunch, which is in itself unusual here in suburban CA, and it felt good. Then, I passed by a circular bench around a gingko tree in the shade near our creek (couldn't see the creek from there ), took out my book and read for awhile. It felt so good to just stop, relax and read and clear my thoughts of everything except the book.

Did you do something nice for yourself today?
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I smell the flowers, Always. Beware of peonies they have ants, and the typical roses have thorns. If you never stop in life, despite a few pricks and bugs, what is rhe point?
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I took a mental health day from work today! it was nice to just sleep in
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I try to do something similar at least once a day. I have found taking those few minutes to breathe and regroup really does help you focus on what's important.
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My daughter and I always take time to smell the flowers for real, especially roses. We also always take time to pet the kitties when we are out for walks.

The nice thing I did for myself yesterday was take the day off. I didn't do any work 'cause I was feeling really unwell.
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Last week I took the time to lounge on my deck and read a book. I haven't done that since I adopted my oldest 18 years ago. It felt wonderful . Today I plan on taking my foot spa out on the deck and give myself a pedicure.
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Well I finished up two small landscaping projects and got paid already for one of them and planted a whole bunch of plants-some of which I looking forward to seeing mature.
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I sneaked out with my fiancee to Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. We rarely get to have little treats like this because my daughter has Ausbergers Syndrome and also panic attacks if we leave her alone. She had a friend with her today so we got to sneak away for an hour. It was heavenly!!
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What a good idea, Rosemary! I'm always in such a hurry... but I'm off work today, so by golly, I'm going to go find something to smell! Well, you know what I mean...
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I chopped down a rose bush today. Does that count? Actually, even though I've washed my hands twice I now have the rose smell stuck on my hands...

I always take time to slow down and relax, I'm not given much choice in the matter.
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