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won't chew dry

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When I first adopted my cat from humane society, she was eating Science Diet dry. She did fine. Then all of a sudden she wouldn't chew it up and when would throw up. So I started giving her only wet. I tried to give her a different brand of dry as a treat, just two pieces and she threw up again because she wouldn't chew it up. And she would throw up 2 or 3 times. Is it because she doesn't chew up the dry, or could there be something wrong with her.
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Cats don't really chew, they just tear or break food into pieces small enough to swallow. It's pretty common to not chew kibble at all.

Maybe your cat is allergic to an ingredient in the kibble you've tried. I had a cat with food allergies and she did exactly what you describe with any food she couldn't tolerate.
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Cats don't chew something like 70% of their food (I have a few toothless kitties who eat dry fine).

Anyways - did you do a slow switch over of foods? A rapid/sudden change can cause the vomiting.

It may well be the kitty is eating too fast & regurgitating the food whole, also. Have you noted any hairballs?
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As has been said, cats do not chew, they tear. Their jaws cannot move sideways only up and down.
My question is, if your cat is eating wet, why would you want to feed dry food? Wet is much better for their health and there is no reason to feed dry foods
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