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My sister wants to know what cat breeds do not shed

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My sister wants to get a cat that will not shed very much.
She does not want a sphynx or any hairless breed or a Cornish Rex.
Any ideas on what she should get?
I would show the cat for her.

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Ocicat They shed very little, the silvers shed a bit more but far less than a 'normal' cat.

Quick flea comb once a week is all the silvers need, I don't comb the other colours.

What sort of temperament is she after? An active or less active cat?
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I will suggest a Oci to her.
She has 2 cats.
Midnight who will be 7 August 1 and Maui who just turned 3 April 18th.
They both shed all over.
They are both siamese mixes.
How much do Oci's cost?
I will have to ask her about the temperament she wants.

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Not too sure since they cost more here. I would think around $700 in the US.
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That is not bad at all.
The spotted breeds are very tempting to me but I will stay with sphynx.

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I am guilty here, but my ragdoll sheds very little. I agree that the energy level of the cat is also very important.Mine is of course more laid back.....
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Ragdolls seem to depend on the lines, some shed a great deal. I spent 5 minutes at a raggie breeders house and came out covered in fur, have also heard the same from many owners.
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Sorry.....my ragdoll sheds very little. I'm out. Sure she will find the perfect breed to suit her
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The breeds that shed less then normal (this is NOT non-shedding cats, just LESS shedding) are:

Oriental SH
Russian Blue

Most of the more "single" coated cats with very close lying coats (except for the RB) are ones that tend to shed less then double coated cats.
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I will tell her.
She loves pointed cats.
I will ask if she likes the spotted breeds.

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Has to be the more modern "show" Siamese and not the thicker coated "classic" types that some breed. The cat has to have a short tight coat to the body.
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I will tell her that.
Her cats shed all over.
I get to show what ever she gets.
These are her 2 cats.
Maui is half siamese.
Her mom is a seal point siamese.
Midnight is my Cocos son and he has siamese in him.
His father was a red tabby.
My Cocos mom was a seal point siamese so that is how Midnight has siamese in him.

The Red cat in this picture was Midnights father.

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Even though Bamf is one of the rounder, non-show type Siamese, he has what I am fairly sure is only a single coat. It is not very thick at all and most of the fur is very short. He does not shed very much.

I bet the show type Siamese and Oriental Shorthair don't shed much at all. I didn't know that Ocicats and Bengals were low shed!
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Zor, yes your kitten does look like she doesn't shed much. You would have to go with how the ADULT coats look rather then the kitten - that will tell you how much shedding is involved.
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Maybe I'm completely off base here, but I don't think there is any mammal that doesn't shed, including us humans!

A hair follicle grows and eventually becomes dormant and "dies" and the hair is shed. Shortly thereafter the follicle becomes active again and goes through another growth/dormant/shed/regrowth cycle. The difference between one cat and another is how fast the hair grows and the length of time between growth and dormant/shed.

My cat is a long hair. Her fur grows quite long and thick during the winter, then in spring she loses her undercoat, and goes through a period of high shedding. Once that is finished about early June, she doesn't have any noticeable shedding until the next spring.

I always thought that long hair cats would shed more, but I have learned with mine that they actually shed less because the growth cycle is longer.
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I gave my sister the list last night.
If I was not going for another sphynx I would go for one of the spotted breeds or a Cornish Rex.
My sister would love a or Himalayan or a Snowshoe but her bf said no to those breeds and it is his house.
He did say yes to a breed that does not shed a lot.
I might end up showing 3 cats though which might get crazy.
I need to start looking for another sphynx soon.

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We didn't say the cats don't shed at all - she wanted a list of possible breeds that shed less then the normal cat.

The only cat that can't shed is the one that has no fur - the Sphynx
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Peterbalds do not shed either.
There should be some at the TICA show in October.
I like them but they can not be shown in CFA.
Gary did tell me one day they will be allowed in CFA but who knows when.
Sphynx may not shed but they do get everything oily and the are a lot of work before a cat show.
You wash them a night before a show and they are dirty the next day.
Are any of the breeds you listed easier to get ready to show since I ill be the one showing the cat?
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Sphynx has fur, just very short. Feels like velvet. Because the fur is so short, it must also shed, just not noticably because it is so short.

Most cat allergies are not from the shedding fur, but from the dander or skin particles, which they all will shed.

I believe it is important to determine why less shedding is preferred. If the concern is allergies, the amount of shedding may not make any difference, as the allergies is due to the enzymes in the cat's skin and saliva. But if the concern is the mess of cleaning up the loose fur, then it depends on the cat. I have observed that most short-hair cats appear to shed more than the long haired ones because the shedding cycle is more frequent and year around. My long-hair needs constant grooming during her molting season which is about March-May. The rest of the year she sheds very little.

ETA: This about a similar breed as Sphynx:



Despite popular myth, Devon Rex do shed (as does anything with hair), although their unique coat may make the shed hair less obtrusive than that of many cats. Devon Rex have also gained a dubious reputation as being "hypo-allergenic," but this varies according to an individual's personal allergies. While some people with animal allergies tolerate Devon Rex very well, anyone with allergy issues should arrange to handle a Devon Rex before considering acquiring one.
More Reading: Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds
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My Coco has medium fur and she does not shed a lot.
Oreo does not shed a lot eitherbut Meeko and Sasha are terrible.
I will be at the Fresno Cat show in November.
The October cat show is cancelled.
I am allergic to cats and it is the saliva that causes allergies.
I also sneeze from long hair cats.
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Martice knows what she is talking about she used to breed Rexes.
Sphynx do cause allergies in some people also.
My mentor can not be around Rexes but is ok with sphynx.
She used to have Rexes.
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Here's another good article on allergens, fur and shedding:

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I think a Snowshoe would be hard to find anyway, breeding show q is very hard in that breed I've read and there are not a lot of breeders around.

I can tell you Oci's and Burmese are easy to show, I don't bath mine or even brush. Just make sure the ears are clean and off we go.
My mentor has Burmese and doesn't wash or comb them either.

If I do bath them, it takes about 5 mintues to wash and towel off.
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Well lets see what she decides on.
I sent her links to the breeds Martice listed yesterday.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Martice knows what she is talking about she used to breed Rexes.
Sphynx do cause allergies in some people also.
My mentor can not be around Rexes but is ok with sphynx.
She used to have Rexes.
Same story here. My sister is very allergic to coated cats, short, medium, or long hair. Thankfully, she can live with Sphynx comfortably
I also have a family member who is very allergic to cats. But he can come visit and no problems. We own a Sphynx.
I never find her hair on anything, because she doesn't have hair that sheds or blows coat.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Martice knows what she is talking about she used to breed Rexes.
And what would a Rex breeder know about the breed?
Just kidding...I know GoldenKitty knows her stuff.
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Lol You are funny.
I find hair on Cleo when I give her a bath.
It is Meekos fur.
She sleeps with her and she sheds all over.
I have been trying to pm you but your pms are full.
I also left you a visitor message.

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Lets just say I've been around cats for a long time and know just about all the breeds and which ones shed more then others......lol
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My sister likes the Bengals and the Oci's the best.

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I can help her find good legit Ocicat breeders if she chooses that breed. There are a few out there that I would NOT recommend buying an Ocicat from
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