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Opinions on Body Changes

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Friends, I was hoping to get some opinions and insights on an issue with one of the cats I live with.

I have known this cat for 4 years, she is now about 9 years old. Her body shape has definitly changed since I first saw her - she was a physically large cat and probably a little overweight. Now she looks thinner, almost skinny - certainly around the hindquarters. However, her weight is pretty much enchanged 5-5.2 kilos.

If her weight isn't changed, just the shape of her body is this just a sign of a cat getting a little older?

Hmm...not sure that I worded that as well as I wanted. Oh well, hope you understand what I am getting at.
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Could she have gained muscle and lost fat? That's the first thing that comes to mind when you say she looks thinner but weighs the same. That can happen to people when they start getting more exercise.
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When was her last vet exam & senior blood panel? I'd suggest having a vet look her over, just to be on the safe side, and while there run a senior blood panel for a baseline, etc.
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At that age, she could be starting to lose muscle at her back end. I would do yearly blood tests.
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Thanks for the replies.

She isn't my cat but I do want to bring the subject up with the owner. Can anyone please offer insight in to what the blood panel would be checking for and what the best approach might be to offering health and wellbeing advice to someone else.
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I would think they would check for thyroid issues and kidney disease.
Nine years old sounds about right for kidney disease, IF that is what it is.
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You could suggest that as she is now classed as a senior cat, then they need yearly exams and bloods but it really depends on the person you are approaching, how much they will accept.
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