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Suprised at the cost of feeding raw !!

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Today I went "hunting" lol. I found 3 boxes of chicken wings, 8 chicken legs, a packet of fresh lambs liver and lambs kidney for around £10 all that for £10!!!!!! I thought raw was going to cost me a complete fortune and I've got enough food to feed them for 5 days (I think)? Thats even cheaper than most nasty supermarket brands ! (£2 in average cat food for 4 cats a day would cost). I plan to feed them 1 wing 1 leg and 10g liver 10g kidney each a day for 2 days. Then 3 wings and the 10g kidney and 10g liver for 3 days I'll add more meat if they'll eat more. Also next time im at the shops I'll get some heart and lamb to eat. Nefertiti loves chicken wings she seems so satisfied to be crunching the bones up and even tho I felt so guilty earlier when i bought it all. (oh dear poor dead animals) Watching them enjoy it and knowing its doing their jaw and teeth and bodies so much good makes the guilt pale into nothingness.
So glad we are all on the path to good eating now !
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It's cheaper to feed mine raw too, I refuse to feed dry and wet would run over $15 a day! I can feed them raw for a little over that for the whole week.

You may want to add some more meat in there, I get bulk meat packs from the butcher at a good price.
A wing and a leg would not be enough unless you are still feeding commercial foods as well.

I go with 80% meat, 10% organ, 10% bone.
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Thats a good guide I read about a similar model on raw fed cats. I guess that the bones and leg might be a bit too much bone for the day and could swap one for a large chicken fillet. I will have to go and hunt some chicken fillets tomorow. Its a good point and I do agree. I'm glad I have this site and can speak to raw feeders.

It's a bit ironic that theres so many people willing to buy good quality kibble and high quality wet for 2-4x the price of a raw diet (which is the very best they can eat)!! :P Then I again I guess some cats have their prefrences
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If you can find a butcher who will work with you in bulk it's much cheaper. I purchased a small chest freezer to store my meat in.

Many often think raw is too hard or time consuming so don't even try, the reality is just the opposite and as you know better for the cats.
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Yes, feeding raw is cheaper. I do feed my domestics Eukanuba, but or exotics/wild cats get raw. Even though they are large and eat more than my domestics, it would cost me a bundle to feed them the commercial, store bought food.
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A seperate freezer/fridge is a very good idea, one I was thinking of last night as I have lots of meat taking up my fridge now. Oh they had liver for breakfast this morning! Amadeus and Galileo loved it the girls stuck their noses up at it but I'll make sure they get theres tonight. I feel so much happier now I'm feeding raw. !!!
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My food bill for five cats dropped from over a $100 every two weeks to just under half that.

Even if I had a brain-freeze and decided to return to commercially-poisoned, er, I mean commercially-prepared foods, I couldn't afford to!
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