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My grandmother had a cat named Stupid. Great cat, everyone loved her. To this day I have no idea where the name came from as she wasn't particularly stupid. *shrug*

Personally I wouldn't name a cat something like Fatty simply because I wouldn't like seeing that on the paperwork all the time. I'm weird like that.

Doesn't stop us from giving the cats unofficial names that may be on the offensive side, though. I remember we had a kitten we called Caca-bum cause every time he used the litterbox there'd be a little piece of it stuck to his rear. And any cat who throws up invariably gets called Pukeface for the rest of the day.
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Originally Posted by Willowy View Post
I don't think it's offensive to the cat, but it could be offensive to a human who is sensitive about their weight to be introduced to a cat named Fatty......probably best to keep the pejorative terms as affectionate nicknames and give the cat a less offensive "real name".
You have a point, but she's had it for eleven years. Besides, I introduce her as "Fatty, who weighs eight pounds." LOL!
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I don't think it's offensive. If anything, it's offensive what I call my Mia. She answers to Buddha Baby, Chunky Monkey, Chubby, Pudge Butt or Porky (and Porker), I think that's it. Now if ya ask me, THAT'S offensive! But she loves it- I think it's the tone of voice I use when I call her those names.

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Originally Posted by BaloneysMom View Post
We call Capone “Fatty†on a daily basis, because well… he is very large. It’s not offensive, he doesn’t care. Usually when we are calling him Fatty he is getting attention so I would think he likes the name LOL.

My sister named her cat “thing†the reason being that Thing is one of the ugliest cats we have ever seen. She is the most affectionate, sweetest cat ever, she couldn’t care less her name was Thing lol.
Do you have a picture of "Thing"? I'd love to see it. Was your sister thinking of "Thing" from the Addams Family? Or the VW Thing? Either way, a great name.
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We used to call our beloved Garfield "Pork". He seemed to see it for what it was: an expression of affection. I think he was probably as big as that cat they dubbed "Sir Chunk" that made the news.
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We call Kameo "Tubby" all the time but he's not that fat. Just big boned. Lol. He is a large cat. He doesn't care what we call him as long as he gets fed.

I usually call him that when A)He's begging for food or B) It's time for breakfast and I need him to come in the house. Then I say "Tubby! Breakfast" and his fat little (big) butt flies through an open window. Lol
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lol Apparently some cats find it offensive.
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