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Is calling a cat Fatty offensive?

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My mom recently decided that she couldn't stand calling Fatty Fatty anymore. She said it was rude and offensive. Fatty is now Maddie. I disagree. Since Fatty is really quite skinny, I think it is funny in an oxymorony (lol, that's not a word) way. What is your take?
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I call my cat La Diabla, is that offensive? If she ever stops become the devil I will let you know.
I can see from a cat going from fat to sinny getting a new nickname, but she will know fattY They know all sorts of names, (I often wonder how they keep up with them all, dogs and any other critters too!)
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I do call Amadeus pudding from time to time as he's a bit on the large side (not fat just large compared to the others)
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When he was a tiny kitten I named Rocky after one of my favorite movie characters (the big muscular boxer) . I've always liked naming little animals with "big" names. I don't find it offensive whatsoever!
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I call my tiny kitty "fatty" and many different forms of it. It's definitely irony; when I put her on the home scale it says "error." She's just always been petite. Her most recent new nickname is "Mammoth Butt."
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Originally Posted by fattykitty View Post
Since Fatty is really quite skinny
I think you'll find a lot of Fatty's are skinny, and a lot of skinnies are chubby

A friend owns a pure white cat called Blackie.
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me and my boyfriend call our one cat jack "fatty" sometimes.. i dont think its offensive.. the cat doesn't know the difference or the meaning.. lol.. we call him that (though he is very skinny thats why we find it funny too..) because he has never eaten people food but if you have it in your hands he is in your face.. lol.. he just wants to be nosy and see what your putting in your mouth.. we always say "ok fatty you cant have any.." lol.. but ya the same thing he's not fat at all it's just funny..
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I call my Atlas Fatty Atty...and that's because he's fat I personally think he likes it
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My friend calls her big male tabby "Toughie" because he is such a softie. She could have called him "Skinny," too.

What can be offensive? We call them for dinner, don't we?
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I call Zane "Lumpcat" sometimes, because he IS such a big lump of cat.
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A lot of us have weird nicknames for our cats, but honestly I've never officially named a cat what I call it as a nickname. We had an orphaned kitten (Scarlett's sister) who my husband called "Large Marge" cause she was twice Scarlett's size. I argued with him and told him we would give her the official name of Maggie. We still called her Large Marge but the vet paperwork said Maggie.

Our OTB Bogart had chronic sinus problems. He answered to Booger Boy most of his life. Our OTB dog Ellie Mae loved to roll her body in cow poop. We called her "The Smell".

Keep Fatty as the nickname, particularly if he is skinny.
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My Baby Bonnie is staring to appear as if she isn't going to grow very much bigger (taller) at all - she's 9 months old now, and still has the stature of a large kitten with a very small head. Almost a munchkin, maybe just a tad larger.

However, she's a complete piglet and always has her head in the food dish or if I'm eating, she tried to jam her face in my food.

I've just started calling her "Porkie-pie" because she's growing a belly, and when I weighed her two weeks ago she was 8 pounds already!

So Porkie-pie is her new nickname, and I have no qualms about calling her that.
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It's not like they know the meaning of the word. I call Pushkin fatty and variations on that theme, because he is a fatty with lovely jubbly cuddliness.
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Well I guess if they aren't offended by it we shouldn't be either...I have a tendency to call my Pixie Miss Piggly Wiggly and it is because she's a butterball. She doesn't seem to mind, in fact she usually rubs up against me and purrs because she usually gets a treat when she hears that name...
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My Shadow is bigger than his brother, Raven (who is very lean), and he (Shadow) has a chubby face. So, I call him my "Chubby Shudsy" and my "Pudgy Shudsy", but in a very cooing sort of voice. He loves it because I'll pet and scritch him as I say it to him. I don't think it's a big deal.
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In my opinion, it is only offensive if you call someone else's cat that or if you are saying it with the purpose of being mean.

I have one kitten who has always been larger than his littermates and at about 6-7 months or so he also started getting chubby. His name is Spot but I never call him Spot (well, sometimes Spottykins, but never Spot). I call him Chubby, Chub-chub, my giant kitten, Big Boy, Fattycatty, etc...
I am not being mean when I call him those things, I say it affectionately. He is now the biggest cat in the house, he even weighs more than our Maine Coon so I think he earned those nicknames.
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Often I call Daisy "Fatty" (or FAT-tee, with a faux British accent, LOL) but I try not to say it too much. A few months ago it was getting out of hand (meaning my overuse of the nickname, not her weight)
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I called Chay fat once, and he gave me a very annoyed meow. I think he knew what I was saying.
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I don't think it's offensive to the cat, but it could be offensive to a human who is sensitive about their weight to be introduced to a cat named Fatty......probably best to keep the pejorative terms as affectionate nicknames and give the cat a less offensive "real name".
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I named my newest kitty Marlow after a narcisistic, sociopath. The murderous character from the HBO series "The Wire".
Sweetest cat. What's a name?
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
It's not like they know the meaning of the word.
Exactly! They don't have the same social connotations that we do with certain words or phrases. Besides, it's always been OK to call some big scary dude "Slim" or "Tiny". Why not use the same idea with cat names?

Originally Posted by Sandtigress View Post
I called Chay fat once, and he gave me a very annoyed meow. I think he knew what I was saying.
Well, in that case then I wouldn't call him that again. Besides - Chay's not fat, he's fluffy!

Actually, Ophelia used to do that with me too. I could call her Precious and she liked that. But if I called her Princess (even in the same tone) she would get MAD! She was NOT a princess!

We call Mojo Thunderbutt because of how much noise she makes running down the hall or down the stairs. She's a tublette, we tell her she's a big girl all the time. She doesn't care as long as we're talking to her.
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I call Figaro Fatty McFat-Fat He really is not a fat cat he is just loves his food. I let him free feed and he like goes and takes a bite of food and then played for like 45min and then goes and takes a bite of food. My friend and I growing up used to call my Mom's cat Lucy "Lucy-fur" (lucifer)

How can it be offensive?? They really don't care what you call them as long as you call them! As long as you keep the tone light, happy and loving I don't think it is offensive at all.
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Fatty is about as offensive as me calling Kizzy poopy butt, or chunky butt.... he is indeed chunky and occasionally gets put in his butt fur.

Now, if you were calling ME Fatty, I prefer the term "pleasurably plump"

short answer, NO..... not offensive.
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I call my moms cat Chuncky Monkey cause she is pretty chuncky! Two of our cats are chubbers, lol I call Scotch one of my horses who is....overweight lol, Chubber horse lol. But im not going to lie, i like a little chunkiness on my animals more to love.
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I don't think that Fatty is offensive, well not to the cat anyway.
I have a cat called Poppy who is rather... Curvy, shall we say.
We tend to call her Piggy or the equivalent quite a lot. It's all in good humor, so I think as long as a name like that isn't mean maliciously, then it's okay.
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Sooty gets called fatty I suppose it`s only offensive if you are being rude to a person.

I`ve never really understood why it is rude to say someone is fat but people think it is ok to come up to me and ask me if I ever eat!
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Originally Posted by Emy4cats View Post
I call Figaro Fatty McFat-Fat He really is not a fat cat he is just loves his food. I let him free feed and he like goes and takes a bite of food and then played for like 45min and then goes and takes a bite of food.

That's funny because I sometimes call Spot 'Fatty Mcfatkins'.
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We call Xander "fat kitty" sometimes but well, he is a bit chubby and the vet wants him to lose a little bit. He doesn't seem to mind though!
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I call Claire (who's on a permanent diet) my Fat Chick or Big Lady sometimes. She doesn't seem mind a bit.
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We call Capone “Fatty†on a daily basis, because well… he is very large. It’s not offensive, he doesn’t care. Usually when we are calling him Fatty he is getting attention so I would think he likes the name LOL.

My sister named her cat “thing†the reason being that Thing is one of the ugliest cats we have ever seen. She is the most affectionate, sweetest cat ever, she couldn’t care less her name was Thing lol.
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