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Brother's Lung Transplant

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I had mentioned in the quit smoking thread that my brother was having a lung transplant from all the years of smoking. He is 61. He had his left lung replaced and the right one "shaved down" to fit his body cavity so that it did not push on his other organs. Apparently years of gasping for breath makes the lung very large.

He had the transplant 3 weeks ago tomorrow. He was released from hospital today at 2 pm. He will be going to the retirement residence/senior's home close to the hospital where he will be for the next three months. We had initially thought he could stay with us but we are too far from the hospital and he needs to go there 3 times per week and someone has to go with him. I could not do that without quitting my job which just wasn't feasible. He also needed at least 3 full meals per day in order to gain enough weight to qualify for the operation (he was only 106 lbs and he needed to be a minimum of 110). That would have been very difficult for me with working, etc. I leave the house at 7:30 a.m. and don't get home until after 6:00 p.m. so I don't have a lot of time to be preparing meals. We do have a good meal each evening but both have our breakfast and lunch outside. I get my toast and jam every morning for $1.50 and since I spent more than that on cigarettes, I don't feel bad buying that every morning.

Fred is doing very well, he feels free for the first time in over a year since he no longer is hooked up to an oxygen machine 24/7. He is still weak and needs a walker and/or cane to get around, but he's alive with a good lung. He said he felt like a dog on a leash with the oxygen tubes. He will gain strength each day and has to go to physio 3 days per week at the hospital so he'll soon not need the walker/cane.

Those of you who knew about this and sent healing vibes, thank you. I'm happy for my bro and wanted to share my happiness in a world where we often only hear of the miseries.

I will pray that each and every one of you who smoke will find the strength to quit. I have been diagnosed with COPD as well, but I'm not as bad as my brother was thankfully, but, I am restricted in how much physical activity I can manage at one time. That is very frustrating for someone like me who loves sports and has always been active. I've had to slow down considerably but I can still do most things as long as I do them slowly and not try to act like a 20 year old. I smoked for 49 years and quit on January 16 - 5 months and I honestly don't crave them or miss it.
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Linda, I'm glad to read that your brother is doing well. He continues to be in my thoughts and more than that, a motivator for those times that I know will inevitably come where I want to smoke. Honestly, I really don't want COPD or lung problems.

I am glad you quit before you got COPD to the level your brother did.

and thanks for sharing... I hope his story inspires more than just me.
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Linda, all the very best for your brother and I hope he continues to do well. Stories like yours are important for younger people to read, to avoid all the health problems associated with smoking. My daughter still smokes and shows no sign right now of wanting to give up. When you are young you think you have all the time in the world. Good luck to you and your brother.
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That's great that he's doing good Linda More healthy coming his way though.

And well done you for sticking to not smoking
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It's terrific that he's doing so well, Linda. for his continuing recovery!
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Great news about your Brother, Linda, and so glad you don't miss the cigs, Good for you
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Linda, I am so sorry I didn't know earlier. Your brother is in my prayers now.

Thank you for getting the message out. You know, I think so many people don't think deep enough about the consequences. Dying early is bad enough, but who really talks about the quality of life those who suffer from severe lung disease endure?
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Glad to hear that he is recovering well. Many prayers and vibes coming his way that he continue's to improve daily.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
and thanks for sharing....
You and your brother are in my prayers dear Linda!...
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Oh no Linda...
I am so sorry to learn that your brother had to go though such a drastic surgery but am glad to know that he is recovering.
The ability to draw a deep breath is something that we usually take for granted.
When we can't, life becomes almost intolerable.

I will keep both you and your brother in my thoughts.
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Your brother, and your whole family, are in my prayers.
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Glad to hear that your brother is doing well, Linda. Sending lots of for continued healing.
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Prayers for him to keep doing well.

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I haven't read that thread, so I'm glad you posted here. Vibes for your brother's continued recovery. I'm glad to hear his surgery went well. It's hard to imagine something we take so for granted like drawing a breath can be a struggle for someone.
Linda, I'm so pleased you've quit smoking! Kudos to you.
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Wonderful to hear your brother is doing so well.
I wish him all the best health in the future.

Healing vibes for you too Yosemite. Thank you for reminding us (exsmokers) not to take our health for granted. You seem to be doing well also. I'm sure staying quit helps a lot with that. (wtg! 6 mns! That is great!!!)
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Lots of healing on their way, Linda!
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I've been gone for a few days and missed this thread.
I'm glad to hear that your brother is doing better. Sending lots of for continued healing.
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