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Daily Thread TGIF June 19th!

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Wooooweeee! Friday and payday today!

Its going to be warm and a little sunny/cloudy today.

We are going to get the groomsmen gifts after work, and then visiting Josh's grandma. She has been in the hospital.

Tomorrow we have a big day..we have to finish buying everything for the wedding. I am excited though because this means I get a new camera!! Mine is old and I want a new one for the honeymoon!

Anyway, you all have a good one!
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Ok girl, I do not mock you when I say:

8 more sleeps till Troutsmoms wedding

cmon, its an expectation now...... Brings back memories to those of us who are married of how excited we were. I know I did the countdown 2 years ago. 4 more sleeps till my anniversary

Yawn. I'm a little tired today from picking my DD up from her trip.
http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=199136 She had so much fun.

It's another gloomy day here, and I tell ya, its starting to get to me. I do not know how people can live in places that get weeks of rain..... it's been a few days, and my mood reflects it.

Good thing is, the longrange forecast is saying next week is supposed to be awesome.

I'm trying to figure out what to get my hubby for our anniversary on Tues. and his bday on Wed. He is soooo incredibly hard to buy for.

Doing a little housework today, that's bout it for now.
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Well, I got up early this morning and I'm going to try to get a nice full 8-9 hour day of work in. With classes 4 days a week this Summer, that's been hard to come by and it's actually a bit frustrating because I've been falling behind. After work, I'll head to the gym and then home to spend a quiet Friday night with the kitties.
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Morning all!!!

Not sure what it wants to do here today, half the sky is cloudy and the other half sunny...

Heading off to work shortly, have a 11-4 shift today which I am quite excited about because I know we have had several new items come in the last couple of days when I was away that I am looking forward to seeing.

Payday for me as well so after work it is off to the bank and then a little shopping. I need a couple of new summer work tops so we'll have to see what I can fine.

The kitties are being silly this morning, putting on their version of the kitty circus for me.

Everyone have a great day
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