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We just topped the 70's this week, and normally it has been in the 90's for a month.

No, it's not just you.
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68 here in the wee hours of the morning, 93% humidity! Going to get up to 84, and with this humidity, well, just may have to put the AC on for the first time this year. You can all have the heat, I will send it ASAP!
No storms predicted for today though, whoo hoo!!
After the brutal, brutal winter here in the midwest USA, I should not complain.

ETA: I am remembeing waking up literally every day to a new snow storm in sub zero temps, winds tearing you apart no matter how well you are bundled up, looking like I am headed out to the Artic to go shovel, snowblow and scrape ice.
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At our house, we've had about 6 days this Spring where it's gone above 53F (12C) here by the shore. I'm always freezing here but there's been hardly any sun and we've been having quite a bit of rain (rains is usually in the Fall and Winter). Between the no-sun, wind, and dampness, it is CHILLY! Brrr!

If you are too hot, come here and visit Ogden Point or Willows Beach.
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I was awakened last night by thunder and lightning. There is a lot of standing water in my back yard. Right now it's 80 °F with 74 % humidity. Looks like more of the same this evening. At least I don't have to water the garden, lol!!!
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68 degrees Farenheit here in Minneapolis. Not too hot, not too cold. It was supposedly 66 earlier.
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We HAD some nice weather this weekend... off an on, between tunder storms! At least its warmed up a bit... I think... lol

Hopefully its nice for the 4th
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I've been roasting like a chicken since around April. If you're freezing, I'm envious!
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Its been in the 100s the last several days, and today was really humid. Riding two horses or even just going out to take care of them is awful in this heat, I end up spending 3 hours outside. I will take freezing over this heat any day!!!
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