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Whoops....4 months since i've been on

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Lol, i completely forgot, and i have been a member here some 3 years now. December i applied to uni for a Diploma in Visual arts, i got through, and it seems i was last on here 3 days before i started my course. I've survived a semester, i'm on my first week (of what seems to be) a 4 week holiday! Our mid year assessments are next Tuesday. We bring in everything we've made and have it laid out, and judged by our teachers on a panel. Scary! We have 5 creative subjects - sculpture, drawing, painting, life drawing & printmaking. Two theory subjects - art theory & art business practice, and apparently we're going to start digital photography next term as well.

So i've learned alot, i can see how my skills have improved, i've met alot of like minded, weird, artistic people to chat with. Of course there are a couple of people there who annoy the heck out of me lol. But i've dealt with it. So i just thought i'd check in if anyone was wondering about me, but i see i have no private messages, so you must know i can handle myself in the big scary world

How's everyone else doing?

PS: Charlie, Cleo & Timmy are all doing well.
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There you are! How's my gorgeous Charlie boy? Any new pics???
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So good to see you! And it sounds like things are going great for you -- very glad to hear it!
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Hey yeah where have you been?! We missed you! Glad to hear you have been productively busy!!!!!! Also happy to hear the fuzzy family is doing well!!!!!
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Sounds like you are doing well.

I'm prolly not the only one, but I'd love to see some of your artwork if you want to share.

just think, for the digital photography course, you can use your furbabies as subjects and post lots of pics of em.
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Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
Hey yeah where have you been?! We missed you!

Welcome Back!...........
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Hey, Emma! Eaten any good chocolate, lately?
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