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"Slick Willie" is at it again

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While president, Clinton had people looking into repealing the 22nd amendment, so that he could run for a third term. He stated, "If not for the 22nd amendment, I'd never leave."

Now, a new scheme is being floated: he'll run as another Democrat's running mate and, if elected, that person would resign immediately after the inauguration. The amendment prohibits anyone from being elected to more than two terms.

Guess that there aren't enough bimbo interns, in the private sector, to suit him. After eight years of his lies, misfeasance and malfeasance, I would hope that, if he tries this scheme, people would see through it and not vote for that ticket.

BTW: speaking of lies, Hillary's memoir hits the bookstores today. Anybody here going to bother reading it?
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Personally, I think that even though Clinton is a slimy ******* of a man, he was an excellent president who did great things for the country. If we only allowed personally upstanding and moral people to run our country, most of the presidents we have elected through the years could never have run for office. (Including the current pres who is on the record talking about his use of cocaine and addiction to alcohol.)

I also believe that Hillary Clinton is one heck of a woman. I am glad she is serving in the government. I only hate that she put off her political career for so long in deferance to her husband.
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I think if anyone says they are completely moral, then you know they are lying.

I still can't believe that the American people fell for the charisma, charm and BS that Clinton fed us not once but twice. To think that he may find a way around our Consitution just sickens me. It isn't something to find a way around, but that's what that administration seemed to want to do from the get-go. Beyond politics, what I always disliked about Clinton was not that he was immoral, but that he lied about it - even lied to the Courts about it! If he's willing to lie when it's illegal, what else is he lying about?
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I think that even if he could find someone dumb enough to be his running mate (dumb enbough to win and then say "here ya' go Bill - why don't you be the president"), there is no way any Americans -- even those of us who thought he was a good president -- would vote for someone carrying out such an outrageous scheme!
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I wouldn't shred Hilary Clonton's book to put in the litter box, much less read it. I think she is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime. She and her husband are the biggest pair of liars You will ever find, and are probably murderers, too. Remember Vince Foster. Almost every one of the men that were their personal body guards when he was governor of Arkansas, have died under strange circumstances. I am not saying that they did the deeds themselves, but that many people around them did not die by coincidence. Gee, rmember when everybody could call tgem what they actually are? Socialists.
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Left to her own devices, Hillary Clinton would have bureaucrats and bean-counters telling you what kind of health care you'd get and social(ist) workers would be raising your kids.

As for Bill, he needs to be neutered!
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he was an excellent president who did great things for the country
Like what?

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For one, he managed to turn the economy around so that when he left office we had a surplus of money rather than a deficit. Up until he came into office, we were running at a deficit and were in a mini recession. And now, were have the largest deficit ever in the history of the country.

Also, his administration fought hard for mental health parity, so that insurance companies would have to cover mental health treatment just like other medical treatment.

His administration also did more than any administration since early in the 1900's to save unspoiled wilderness areas. Not to mention banning the polluting and noisy ATVs from wilderness areas of National Parks, which was immediately undone by the current administration.

His administration also provided support for exploring new renewable energy sources, which was immediately undone by the current administration.

I could go on and on........
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I wouldn't shred Hilary Clonton's book to put in the litter box, much less read it. I think she is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime.
I never have understood why some people hate her so much. My impression is that some hate her simply because she is a powerful, opinionated woman.

Please let me know why y'all hate her.

P.S. Her health initiative failed miserably, so why are you still mad about that????? Since it failed, we were left with the pre-Clinton mess of HMOs and health insurance that is so expensive, the working poor can't afford to buy it.
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I am one of those who like Clinton.

Sure, he made the mistake of being with a woman and lying about it. But hes not the only one.

Its sad that once you make a mistake, no one remembers the good you have done, and makes you out to be the bad guy.
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For the reasons cited by Lotsocats, I thought Clinton was a very good president, despite his having the personal morals of a sewer rat. I would also add the Dayton Accord, NATO's Partnership for Peace, which was one of the first steps in reuniting Europe, and the way he dealt with Russia and pushed China to allow more free trade. I rather doubt that the two-term limit can be evaded, and I can imagine him saying that to push the Democrats into finding a candidate that has a chance in the next elections. As for Hilary, I'll probably read the book when it comes out in paperback. I still wonder how she could have put up with him all those years. At least she wasn't a mealy-mouthed First Lady like Nancita or Laura Bush. The latter is a big disappointment after her mother-in-law, IMO. I can't stand any more vacant smiles and "adoring eyes cast at hubby"!
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Why do I dislike Bill and Hillary Clinton? How about all the lies they have been caught in. How about the people he pardoned for money.

How about the new book that's coming out about 911 that exposes the lies Hillary made about what she did to help the people who suffered in the tragedy. The gentleman who wrote the book was a Hillary supporter.

In the last few pages of George Stephanopolis's book he said "I don't know if getting Bill Clinton was my finest acheivement or my worst". This is a man who, when he was presidential advisor, could not sleep and had to get professional help. He said because what was happening went against what he knew was right. He had been lied to again and again by Bill.

When the Clintons left the White House they took with them things that belonged to the White House and the American people and had to bring them back. That says a lot for their character. You just can't say character doesn't matter. It really does.
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I think that that is just a rumor and has no truth to it. I mean, who in their right mind would go thru the rigamarole of a campaing ( $$$ ) to win the presidency of the United States, and then turn it over?

I think whatever you read or heard is just a hoax.
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Well, I do know that Billy was trying to get just a minor change to the Consitution....from a two term limit to a two consecutive terms limit, meaning as long as he skipped at least one term he could run again for another two terms.
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She is a liar, a power hungry socialist, participated in many coverups, (nobody loses a folder of important papers in the White House, then they turn up in plain sight), and for all her feminazi posturing, she put up with her dirtbag husband chasing anything in a skirt, just so she could try to gain power and prestige. Then she moved to NY just because of their lax laws about who can run for office, showed her ugly mug all over the 911 disaster, and then lied again about how much she had done for survivors and families of those killed. She also started that nonsense for same sex "partners" to be able to get benefits that should have rightfully gone to married partners with children and legal family members. Oh, yeah, if you have proper parents, IT DOES NOT TAKE A %&#^ VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!! Just a few reasons I hate Hilary Clinton.
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The economic upturn, of the Clinton years - budget cuts, welfare reform, etc.- was caused by the Republican-controlled Congress. A president cannot do this. He fought and spoke against these programs and, when they WORKED, took credit for them.

As for dealings with Russia, the fall of the Soviet Union was a direct result of Reagan's defense policies and it occured during the elder Bush's administration.

Clinton's dealings with China consisted of allowing sensitive nuclear and missile technology to be sold to them. This can, potentially be used against us.

After the African embassy bombings, Clinton was offered Osama bin Laden, on a siver platter. This happened on THREE separate occasions and was turned down. Clinton's response to those bombings was to bomb an aspirin factory, in the Sudan.

Under Clinton, our military and intelligence-gathering assets were emasculated. He was more concerned about pandering to special-interest groups, than in keeping our defenses strong.

Fooling around with a young intern, IN THE OVAL OFFICE, displays a huge lack of judgement and character. He should have known that someone like Monica Lewinsky wouldn't keep her mouth shut.

As for Hillary - she's done the same thing that Barbara and Laura Bush have been castigated for - riding on her husband's coattails. She did it for personal ambition. I have a hunch that, in the same situation, Barbara or Laura would have bashed the bum, with a lamp and divorced him. (I would have.)

The office of the presidency should be treated with respect and served in, with dignity. It is not a "good way to pick up chicks."
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Unfortunately, it seems that quite a number of our presidents and vice-presidents have abused their offices to "pick up chicks". Not to mention Congressmen, governors, mayors........
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A local councillor has been arrested for the second time with a prostitute. Funnily enough, he went scuba diving with my landlord.
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A couple of months ago, the chairman of the Tohono O'odham tribe was busted, for soliciting a prostitute. She was a police decoy. He pled "no contest" and the tribal council met to see if they should throw him out of office. He got to keep his job but, he wasn't re-elected, two weeks ago. The tribe now has a female chairperson.
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i love bill and would vote for him again! i would be so happy if it could happen but I know it is impossible. many times thru the last election i wished it was possible because one candidate had no personality and the other one appeared to have limited mind potential.. but whatever. Here's to hoping for a great candidate next election!!
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Once a lier awlays a Lier !!!:flash:
It never changes! I dont trust him as far as I can pick him up and toss him!
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