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The Stanley Cup - Winner Tonight!!!!

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Who will it be.... Anaheim Mighty Ducks or New Jersey Devils?!

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I have a feeling it will be Anaheim.. I will be routing for New Jersey, but I just think it will be Anaheim...
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Ah, another hockey fan. Here I am in my element. I think it will be the New Jersey Devils. Not because I am a big fan. I am a huge, and I mean huge, Detroit Red Wings fan. I believe New Jersey will win because of Martin Brodeur. Now that Patrick Roy has retired, Martin wants to prove he is the #1 goaltender in the NHL. I think he will stand on his head tonight. He has so much more to loose than John Sebastian. Also, the Mighty Ducks have yet to win in New Jersey. Home ice advantage means a great deal, especially in a game 7. Look at last year between Colorado and Detroit - it went to a game 7 in Detroit. Detroit was not going to loose in their own building a game 7.
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I'm the Devils fan.....

Nick (my honey) is a Ducks fan.....

We were at game 6 on Saturday.... I WAS AWESOME!!!!

After the Anaheim win of 5-2 the jumbo-tron proclaimed...


The game tonight will be awesome!
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There is nothing like your team winning the Stanley Cup. I wish I had that great feeling this year.
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I live in the frozen North and hockey is huge here. There are not many people who don't follow the sport in this neck of the woods.
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Originally posted by Nora
There is nothing like your team winning the Stanley Cup. I wish I had that great feeling this year.
About the same as your team finally winning the Super Bowl. Go Bucs!

BTW, I am rooting for the Devils in this match-up.
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I live is Sunny California.... were half the people sitting in the stands DON'T know what icing is!!!!

Hockey is not a Californing sport!!!!

c'mon jump on the bandwagon!!!

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i live in PA and hockey is getting bigger here every year. I have a brother whos been playing since he was 10, and is now coaching and playing in lame adult ice hockey leagues. For as long as I can remember we would watch hockey as much as we could I'm a Penguins fan even tho they suck!! But New Jersey is in my top 5..
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Being a huge Avalanche fan, I'm rooting for the Ducks. They are in our conference and it's always good for the conference to win the championship. It is also against the Devils, who we went 7 games in the finals with and beat them and rooting against them comes pretty natural after that. And most important, any team who can sweep the Red Wings in the playoffs has my vote!
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Oh Heidi, an Avalanche fan. What can I say. The rivalry won't be the same without Patrick Roy. On our FOX network there is a commercial for Hockeytown Cafe, where an Avs fan walks into the cafe, looks around at all the Red Wings jerseys and then runs out. It is very funny.
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Nora, that is funny. Last year when we were playing the Red Wings in the playoffs, there was a news story about a cafe in downtown Denver that lets people put up stickers on the walls and such, but they do take down offensive stickers (like the Mean People Suck stickers). They decided to allow a Red Wings Suck sticker stay up, though, "because it's the truth".
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Oh Lizza I am SO jealous that you got to go to all the games!!! You're right, CA just isn't a hockey place and my boyfriend and I go crazy over that. Came from the east coast a few years ago and it's just not the same. He drives about 2 hours twice a week just to play hockey at the closest rink!!!

Anyway, can't wait for tonight's game. GO DUCKS!!! I don't really care for either team but of the two I'd rather the Ducks win!
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Lizza I have been waiting for that!!

Were you at the rink in Anaheim to watch? I was at home crying
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I was disappointed with the New Jersey fans when they booed John Sebastian when he was named Comm Smyth winner. However, the New Jersey players showed that they had a lot of class when they clapped and congratulated him.

I sure wish Scott Stevens played for the Red Wings. When we lost Vladdie, we lost a great nasty defenseman.
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Correction: His name is spelt Jean-Sebastien. Just thought I would correct my own spelling mistake.
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J.S. = Jiggy!!!!

Did you see him cry...?!?!?

Yes, we were at the pond - Nick cryed too!!

HECK.... at least a California team made it to the playoffs!!!!!

Nick will be at the Western Conference Parade on Wednesday.....
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