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Help for wood chewer

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Help ! I have a wood chewer that is about 13 yrs. old .I got her at around 4 yrs. of age. This started right away. I know, its been awhile and I still haven't really found a way for it stop.
She does this chewing on corners of wood, coffee table, trim on doors, everything wood ! She seems to do it for attention for food. Sometimes I think she does it just because.....
When I got her she wasn't spayed but was declawed.

I can't leave her roaming the house at night....she would tell me she wants food by knocking something off or chewing. She does knock things around to get my attention also.

I am crating her at night. I don't want to. This is crazy. I have 2 other cats.
I recently started on feliway to help with another cat that is spraying. this has nothing to do with each other. Hope this will help ????
HELP ! (no money for behaviorist)
Mrs. Kitty
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thats so weird my cat does the same thing.. she'll chew on wood and loves to chew card board.. i have never found a solution to this yet but i am excited to see if ayone knows what to do.. good luck.. i'll keep you posted if i find anythig out..
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Oh yes, cardboard too! She has chewed on my woodwork around door frames.
The first night I had her, I put her in a room(carpeted) by herself and she chewed a hole in the carpet about the size of an apple, hence I can't put her in a room by herself, she would chew her way out ! I love her to death....

I'm sure hoping the feliway will help. I just started it today in another room where they spend a lot of time looking outside. If I have my back to her and don't respond to a (grunt) she will nibble on anything she can to get my attention. Pretty frustrating, but I've had to crate her at night down where I can't hear her. It's just too much. When i let her out, she heads for the kitchen.
Sure hope I can stop this - everyone I talk too thinks its all too weird ha !
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