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We got Martha and Abigail about two weeks ago. The were two of a litter of four living on/under someone's porch. Mama is semi-feral. At the time, the kittens were five or six weeks old. They had ringworm (Martha is long-haired and it was bad). It is clearing up now and slowly, both kittens have warmed to me. Martha loves being petted and Abigail will now relax when I pick her up. She froze into a little ball for the first couple of days.

Anyway, last night, Debbie, the lady who is feeding Mama, called and said she had caught a third kitten - could I get him? I went over to find a little spitfire (what a difference a couple of weeks makes!)

I got him settled into a crate on our sunporch with Martha and Abigail, who were in a set-up made up of a 48" crate connected to a 36" crate, where their potty is. (I call it the ensuite). The sunporch is heated and has tile floors and wall-to-wall windows.

The girls have been out and about on the sunporch for a week or so and sleep in the ensuite at night. I decided to move their potty, food and bed out into the porch and give Maxwell, the new kitten, the ensuite. All went well, although he is not a happy camper.

Martha and Abigail went right over to him and said "hi," and he wasn't upset at all. Then then proceeded to play and ignore him.

He only gets stirred up if he sees me. My question is - do you think I should cover the ensuite or should I just let them get to re-acquaint themselves?

BTW no idea where the fourth kitten is - Debbie said it diasppeared about two weeks ago. Also, Debbie is trapping Mama to have her fixed and will continue to feed her.