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Not New -- Just Returning!

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I was a member a while back but I wind up leaving the forum because (I'm going to be honest here), my moggy got pregnant. We had adopted her as spayed and obviously that wasn't the case. She had a litter of kittens (two of whom were rehomed and one of whom still lives with us but is mentally retarded which makes her somewhat feral. She isn't vicious, just not loving). Then, when we least expected it, mom got pregnant again before she had finished nursing litter #1 (and therefore before we could have her spayed!). We lost two kittens from litter #2 and kept the other three. Then (go figure) Mom got loose not long ago and was adopted by a local family. Overwhelmed, we felt that it was better not to pursue bringing her home as we know she's in a great place.

Anyway, I was embarrassed. I'd made a mistake (or at least half of the mistake) and I feared being criticized about it, so I didn't come back. Now all of our cats are neutered except for one of our males who we can't get to go into a box to go to the vets (he is terrified of being carried by us -- he knows what's coming, I think). We're all on track, except that now our cats are urinating everywhere. They are neutered and have recently been vet checked. They are healthy, but we're having this issue, and my husband is getting very irritated with the cats.

I don't want to rehome them because, if nothing else, I love them. But to make matters worse is our current economy. I worry that they will be let go or not taken care of if we find them other homes. I just don't trust people these days, I guess!

For those who remember me, we no longer have Baloo or Molly. Molly was rehomed and Baloo couldn't be contained. He let himself out in a thunder storm the way he came in and we didn't see him again after that He is missed, but not forgotten! And of course our kittens are his sons and daughter lol
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Hola y bienvenido nuevamente a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome BACK to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

I´m really so sorry for Baloo and Molly..........

I hope you find not only old members, but also new good members here, Please feel again as your home and ask whatever you need to know, there are plenty of good members and of course our tireness Mod´s to help us here!....

See you on the forums!, Glad that you re-join us!
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Welcome back.
I am glad that decided to return.
You obviously care about your kitties,
you are in the right place.
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Welcome back!

Are the new owners fixing the momma kitty?

As for inappropriate urination - have you seen the culprit(s)? Are they backing up to the wall to spray, or squatting to urinate. My first thought is that the intact male is marking/spraying, so the rest are urinating where he did to cover his scent.

You said they were vet checked - did the vet specifically test the urine of all the cats? (I've had vets proclaim cats "UTI free" without checking the urine)

Talk to your vet about ways to get the intact male in to be neutered. I've had to livetrap my housecats before to get them to the vet (a few years ago, with a former semi-feral). Realize that almost no one will want to adopt them, as they are not 100% housetrained. And if they haven't even lived outdoors, they don't stand much of a chance at an outdoor home. So you're they're best shot - keep working at it & you can get through this.
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Thanks everybody!

Nat, I wasn't with them when the vet went over them -- Hubby was. I suppose that it is possible that they didn't check their urine, and I will ask when we do finally get Monster in. We've been taking them to a clinic, but the vets have always been very understanding and thorough with our special needs cats (you know what that's like!). Even Whisper doesn't freak out about the vet (which is totally cool considering it's Whisper!). Holler is difficult but she's... Well, like I said, she is mentally handicapped.

And Reagan has been fixed, thank goodness! There was nobody to impregnate her after she had the last litter, so she didn't get pregnant right away -- she just ran off before we could get it done ourselves.

We were a bit slow on the uptake: It took Sister's first heat for us to get them neutered, but we got it done. Lose a lot of the health benefits but at least no more kittens! I can't bear to give them away!
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