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Name Change?

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I joined this forum about a year and a half ago, but have been absent. Now I am trying to make all of my user names the same (and I've changed it since joining TCS). Can I get a username change so that I don't have to register a new account? I've been doing some article writing on Hubpages and on Squidoo and I want to make it easy for people to find me on the various forums that I use.

This would be most helpful

Since I can't fit Everyday Miracles, EverydayMiracle would be great

If not, then I just would like permission to create a new account, though it's a pain with the rewards system here
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It would be best to PM the site owner, Anne about this.
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I e-mailed her Thanks!
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I'm curious about the same thing, not that i'm ready to change mine but I am curious is it something that's easily done without a legitimate reason: say I get bored of my current one can I just request to change it?
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Nope. Boredom does not constitute sufficient reason. Basically, we don't change usernames, unless there's a pretty strong case for doing so -- up to the owner to decide whether it's sufficient or not.
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