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Video of Mommy and her kittens, 9 days old today!

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Hello everyone:

I recorded a video of the Mommy cat I'm taking care of and her little babies. They are 9 days old today and they still haven't opened their eyes. I'm hoping they will open them tomorrow.

She is the best mommy cat ever!

Here is the video:
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Mama is so pretty! and the kittens are too cute, she looks to very attentive
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There should have been a cuteness warning!
What a sweet video. Mama looks like she takes good care of her babies. I've fostered a couple of litters where the mom wanted nothing to do with them.
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She a beautiful cat and yes... a good momma!
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Wow, mama cat is SO beautiful. She makes me want a flame point really badly! She is gorgeous. And her tiny babies are sooo cute.
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Awwwww, Mama cat is such a goooood mama. I love how she slings her arm around one of her babies as the rest of them feed. Her babies are adorable, too. Mama is beautiful. Is she gaining any weight?
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Awww, I love how at the beginning, momma came over and rested her head on her babies.... then at the end when she's protectively cuddling the one.

Nothin beats a momma's love
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That's a beautiful bunch of cats! Can you tell the male/female ration yet? I know it can be a little difficult when they are this little.
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Thank you all. I'm glad you all enjoyed the video, I love how she loves her babies

Yes, she is gaining a little weight, at last! She is still thin, but she is looking a lot better.

I can't tell if they are male/female, they are so tiny that they all look the same to me. I guess we'll have to wait.

I'm having a little problem, the babies are 10 days old and they haven't opened their eyes. But that is a topic for another forum, I will go ask some questions.

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They are just gorgeous..............
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