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Jack and Wiskey..

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They look young? Are they under a year old? Sooooo adorable! I have a special affection for b&w tuxedos and Jack is sooooo cute. Look how he is sitting! What an inquisitive expression! Whiskey looks very "proper", he is a little gentleman isn't he?
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Very handsome boys you have
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Yes, your boys are very handsome. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Ooops. Sorry. You have a handsome boy AND gorgeous girl!
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thank you all so so much.. i take pride in my babies.. haha.. they will both be a year in september.. wiskey is a girl but dont feel bad cause i have a funny story about that.. our very close friend is a vet and he said that he would neuter wiskey for us for free.. so we accepted his offer and got everthing ready for the next day so we can drop her off at his office.. (keep in mind that we had her for about 3 months by this point) and for the whole time we thought that wiskey was a boy.. i always called her mommy's little boy cause even though her and jack are of the same age she is soooo much smaller.. so anyways i was worried all day about her (him at the time, lol..) and our friend called and before i could say hello to answer the phone he screamed out "IT'S A GIRL..!!") so yes for like 3-4 months we swore jack had a brother when really he fooled us and had a girlfriend.. lol.. the funniest part was that when we found out we were at my parents with a bunch of family, so we had to explain our situation to them too..

so now we call her our "little wiskey girl" like the toby keith song.. lol..

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