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I'm a foster mom!!

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I went from zero to four! They are stashed at my unoccupied condo.. .which means hauling over there twice a day. That's ok -- I need to work on the place and get it ready to put on the market.

It's Adrien's swingin' bachelor pad cuz all four are male!

I don't have pics yet - Just settled them in yesterday afternoon.

Archie - fluffy DMH black cat, silky soft fur, green eyes - purrrrsonality to burn and so affectionate - loves to give kisses. I got a smurgle from him last night.

Prowler - DSH brown classic tabby and white. green eyes. Sweet and affectionate - a tad shy. Hid under the bed until last night.

Jakie -DSH B/W - Prowler and Jakie are "brothers" surrendered from the same home. Jake is a cow kitty with a half-black/ half pink nose. He does the "happy dance" when he sees you! He also has green eyes.

Ghost - DSH Snowshoe mix - I am thinking lilac and cream( and white) - really dilute colors. Pale blue eyes. Pink nose - greyish-purpley-pink pawpads. He is a very, very timid boy but oh-so-sweet! I put him in my spare bathroom figuring he needed a smaller space. I laid down on the floor and talked to him, petted him. he is still too scared to come out from under the bathroom cabinet overhang, but fell asleep kneading my hand and arm and purring.

Only Archie (my name for him) was a stray... these other three were surrenders.

vibes that I can bring Ghost out of his shell and that these guys can find wonderful fur-ever homes!!!

Oh - I almost forgot - they ALL like belly rubs!!!!

Post-post script - All four were saved from euthanasia at that kill shelter I've been talking about.
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LOL, at first when I clicked on this thread, I thought you just got a foster child of the human kind

Congrats on the furbabies, I can't wait to see the pics. (cow kitty )

that Ghost becomes not so timid, and that you find them wonderful homes.
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Wow, when you foster you do it in style! Most kitties are lucky to get the spare room, not a whole condo to themselves. Party on!
I hope they all find nice homes where they get lots of tummy rubs.
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that would be a great name for a rescue, Adrien's Swinging Bachelor Pad Congrats on your new charges!
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