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Daily Thread for Monday

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It is supposed to be cooler today- I would welcome that, the last few days it has been about 98 degrees. Right now I am watching Squirrel as she is under the walnut tree looking intently up at a blue jay who is scolding her.

Whisp is laying at my feet and all the cats and the horses and other critters have been fed. I love this time of the morning when the house is still quiet before it awakens to life. There is just a peace about it all.

Later I will be going over to Susan's house to visit and show her oldest boy Dallas, how to start training Rugby. I talked with her last night and was laughing because she has so many dogs but they umm lack in the manners department a bit. So I told her that I would show her son some of what we do with dogs and let him take on her crew this summer as far as training goes. He will have his hands full that's for sure.

Time for another cup of joe, and then it is buckle down and get to work. Everybody have a great day!

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have a great day yourself Mary Anne!!! I don't have much going on here..a little cleaning up here and there, and that is about it....staying home most of the day though....
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This is goin to have to be a superday! On the weekend I have been sorting baby clothes that I have borrowed, and are now (finally) to small, so I can bring them back, so I have here boxes and paper bags full of clothes. I also have here all the washing I did the last days, somehow it´s not folding on itself, have to do something about that. And then I have here the laundry that I have to do today and somethings I don´t put in the dryer, but the clothlines are completely full from other peoples laundry! Oh and I have a flatfull of mess, since I let my son wander around yesterday and make a mess while I sat on the computer, well actually I sat on the sofa, and the computer was on the table or sometimes sitting on me!

And it also seems I have somehow gained a stuntdouble! My crazy son is off beeing a baby and on beeing a child. Something must have happend on his first birthday the other day.
Just now, I had put him out in his pram for his nap, and was gonna take a shower, but first a quick visit to TCS. Then I hear he isn´t asleep yet, and I look out the window and there he is, crawling out of the pram...I ran VERY FAST outside to get him! I guess it´s time to start tie him down...
Well, we got in and I thought I let him play for a bit, while I finish this TCS visit...he vent right away after Pollýanna, that jumped up ontop on the bookcase, where she is safe (well for how long?...), and then my crazy son went straight to pore out a pottyful of pee from before he went to take his nap...

I need a raise!
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Or a valium! LOL You have already had an active day!
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Well I´m ahead of you, it´s allmost 2 PM here.
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Since I have to work until 7, I'll get in here early.

Yesterday, I bought a LeBistro water system, for the dogs. I thought that this would solve the problem of playing in the water pan and muddying up the dogs and patio. No such luck! When I went out, this morning, the patio was soaked and Pearl was muddy, from her belly down. In addition, that 5-gallon bottle was nearly empty. I'm going to have to wrestle with that thing, before I go to work. Maybe, I should have bought the one that attaches to a garden hose.

OK Feed has 50-gallon, heavy-duty plastic stock tanks. I may buy them one of those, to play in so that their drinking water stays clean. We tried a kiddie wading pool and those are too flimsy, to stand up to two large, energetic dogs. I am resigned to having mud puppies.

Leaving them in the house, while we're at work, is not an option. Rowdy is naughty enough, with Opie and Buddy to play with. Add the dogs to the mix and we wouldn't have a house left.

Have a good Monday.
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Cindy what about those pond kits? We have one we sunk in the back yard, and it filters the water all the time- the dog and the cats play in it but because it moves so much it just filters the gunk out?
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I've looked at those pond kits but, I don't know if Bill wants to fool around with it. The yard is his domain. I am NOT a field hand! Personally, I wouldn't mind having a swimming pool but it would increase our homeowner's liablity insurance, too much.
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It's "pissy" outside..... not raining/not sprinkling....just ugh!

I'm soooo tired..... I just wanna go back to bed!
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It was hot all last week and now its cold and cloudy

I already miss my boo boo and I cant wait to go home!!
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Just another Manic Monday...

Not much going on at work, just trying to stay motivated to get something productive done. Wow, it's dead in here today. Well, maybe that's the way to keep me motivated at work. LOL

Is it Friday yet?
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Ted's brother and his wife drove up from KY yesterday,so we spent the day with them and their mom,took her shopping for shoes,fun not!!!!!
She thought Ron came up to take her out of the nursing home and when he told her he was not she throw a royal fit,and told him to leave and not come back! Now he know's what Ted and I have been going through!He did not belive she was this bad,now he know's!
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It's Tuesday morning for me, a little after 10:30. I am meant to be studying for my exam which is tomorrow. And so far I haven't started.

Cats are overjoyed with me being home instead of at work and have shown off their expertise in playing cat chasey. Housework needs to be done. Hmmm...well I better get cracking.
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