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Cats Forever?

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Just on the very important subject of grieving for a cat...I personally believe very strongly that cats survive death and go on living in the Spirit World.

Lots of mediums confirm this is so but one in particular impressed me, though he's "passed over" himself now. That was the famous British medium Leslie Flint, who had the gift of being able to facilitate "direct voice mediumship"...where you actually hear the so-called "dead" speak directly without the medium saying a word and full two or three-way conversations can take place.

Sceptics will be shouting at me to go away at this point...but thousands of people witnessed Flint's mediumship and he was tested under strict "laboratory" conditions...he passed all tests no problem. There are some internet sites devoted to his work.

Anyway, my point is that the people who spoke were adamnant that when they "crossed over" at death they were met by their pets! There's a few beautiful accounts of meeting with cats, with the speakers claiming that the cats can actually talk to us on the "other side". Not that I need to hear a cat talk...they all but do that anyway right now.

Incredible? I look forward to finding out!
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What a wonderful thought!!! When my brother was killed, it immediately came to my mind that he would be reunited with his orange cat; his wife refused to let it in the house, so he made a really nice work area/cat area in the garage, but she let the cat out & it got hit in the street; my brother was heartbroken
On the day of my brother's death, his wife was crying and said maybe she was being punished for his cat getting killed (she had also put my brother's cockatiel outside on a foggy night & the bird died)...so she had the same thought also...
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I think what I beleive is more to protect my own feelings but I don`t picture my cats as being 'dead'. I look at their pictures and videos and still imagine them alive somewhere, just not here with me
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