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I have a problem please help!

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Hi everyone! I got a problem I Hope someone can give me some help My cat eats my plants! :uhh:
I have put pepper on them and all he stills eats them! He gets sick And all but doesnt stop eating them. The plants are not harmeful ones to him but what can I Do? He will go outside and eat the leaves off the tree Im totally lost! What can i do here at home to put on my plants to stop him? He even trys to eat fake plants as well Thanxs for reading my post! Take care all!
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You can try spraying bitter apple spray on your plants. It's non-toxic to kitties, but supposedly tastes horrible.
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Bitter apple worked for me! You can get it at most pet stores (and even WalMart in the dog section). You simply apply it every day or two until the cat is convinced that the plants are too yucky to eat.

Also, please plant some cat grass so your cat can have some good greens to eat. Make sure you plant it in a heavy pot so that the cat won't make a mess with it. I always have two planters of grass growing so that while they are munching on one pot, the other pot is just sprouting. By the time they eat away the grass in one pot, the second pot is ready to go!

I think you will be amazed how much a little cat grass will help!
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You can keep your soil moist that will stop him from wanting to step into the planter and sample your plants. You can go to a local pet store and buy those decorative rocks that you put on the bottom of your fish tank and put those on top of the soil. You can add vegetable greens to your cat's diet. You can also hang your plants up out of reach. Spraying with lemon juice and water will also deter him.

Please be sure these plants are not poison or toxic. Here is a link to some really great websites that cover this.

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Again, I am another fan of Bitter Apple. I used it on my dog, but I hear that it works on kitties as well. What we have done becuase Tybalt kept eating our plant is to hang them up high so the cat can't get to it. We stuck a hook from the ceiling and our plant hangs down.
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Ohh thanxs all for the replys!
I am looking into getting Bitter apple today Yippie!
I live in The Netherlands, For going to wal-mart Ohh Id love to go but LOL They dont have one here! Oh How I miss It! But got Cat nip and guess what he did to that! He ate so much of it till it was all gone, and then Got sick all over the house, Ended up taking him to the Vet, Because he ate all of the grass including the roots LOL! He is a big eater, He is on a special diet and all that. But when he eats he won't chew his food because he gulps it all down. So for the grass The vet said not to give it to him anymore because he over eats it LOL . After 2 yrs of running to the vet and all over him eating things hes not sopose I have learned to put things up really high. But that dont stop him, He goes outside on the porch because We live 2 stories up, And he eats the leaves off the tree outside. Back to the Vet again Then There I am Crying my eyes out because my baby boy is so sick again,Then he seems to get throught it all again then hes happy go lucky again For him not to get plants at night I have to put them on a bench in the middle of the bench so he dont climb nor get to them to eat the leaves off. Rubber ones looks good they get chewed on as well but he cannt eat them off Hahah! Ill try bitter apple today I hope it works:flash:
Thanxs all for replying!!
Teri (Simba'sMom)

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