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What to do with this baby?

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I coach at a high school and after practice Monday, a cat ran up to me and followed me to my car. She was so adorable I couldn't bear to leave her, so I brought her home-- but I absolutely cannot keep her; I have one cat already and while I love the critters, one is all I can financially or personally handle. I thought I'd be able to take her to a humane society or rescue, but I've literally emailed or called almost thirty rescues and no one has room for her.

I named her Brandon (she's a girl, and it's an odd story, but Brandon she is). She's a sweet, Bengal mix (BEAUTIFUL marbling and eyes), TINY adult cat-- she could even be an older kitten, honestly, but she's a bit mature for a kitten. She can't weigh more than 7 or so lbs. She's very affectionate and attention-wanting. I haven't had her in the same room as my cat, but through the door she hasn't shown any signs of aggression. She's a little nervous, but clearly wants to be loved. I'd wager she was dumped or got lost, but she's not microchipped and I haven't been able to find her owner. I'm going to go get another microchip reading tomorrow morning (the guy at Petsmart didn't seem to have a clue) but...this isn't looking promising.

Our animal control has a very high kill rate, and the humane societies are PACKED. I don't mind driving her to a new home, even if it's something of a hike, but I can't find anyone who wants a new cat...does anyone have any ideas? Am I better off to leave her at animal control, or to spay her and put her back where she was? Does anyone HERE want her? I feel just terrible...

More pictures of her here, by the way: http://www.flickr.com/photos/1143972...7619791007555/
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Oh what a problem. You have a few options. First, I'm going to be negative to say this - she is an adult DSH, your basic "moggie" everyday cat. She is an adult during the peak of kitten season. She will likely not be quickly placed into a good home.

Do you have space to foster her? If so - you could approach shelters/rescues offering to foster her if they do vet care and list her on their website as "courtesty posting". We have done this for several. Be aware, though, some groups won't do this as they've been "burned" too many times.

You can try re-homing her yourself. If you go this route, check references, screen carefully. There are many out there who wouldn't spay/neuter. I know there are people out there who have gotten an un-altered female kitten, only to let that kitty have 3 litters a year. Imagine that kind of life.
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Thanks I actually don't mind paying to get her spayed/neutered or do have the FIV/Leuk test done on her-- IF I know she'll get a home. I'm afraid to commit to fostering her since I really can't keep her for potentially weeks or months.

Though I should add-- she's much more Moggie like in the photo I posted. She's def. got some Bengal in her! But you're right-- she's still a "nothing special" cat at the height of kitty madness.
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OK - so long term fostering her is out. Perhaps you can advertise her with the understanding that "once a home is secured - she will be spayed/tested/vacc'ed at my expense".

Also - check with every vet clinic you can think of to see if they know of anyone looking for a kitty.
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Aww, she looks somewhat like my little Mickey, who is just a run of the mill gray tabby. Skinny as a rail, no matter what we feed him. It always makes me so sad that "beautiful" or "unique" cats get homed first. If I hadn't adopted Mickey I'm sure he wouldn't be around now. The Humane Soc. lady actually tried to talk me into his "prettier" sister - but I wanted a boy, and got Mickey.

Good luck to you, and bless you for going this far. I don't have any advice, except just to keep on doing what you're doing. I always admire folks who rescue kitties.
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