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Anyone in St. Louis/Alton/Jerseyville want an adorable kitten?

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I'm currently visiting (extended visit is more like it) my father in White Hall, IL to help take care of my grandmother (she has since passed and her estate is being settled).

Two nights ago I heard a mewing on my dad's porch. Looked out the window and didn't see anything, but then an hour later heard it again. I finally went out and discovered a black and gray tiger striped kitten in the corner of the porch, all alone.

Mother was nowhere to be found, and the kitten was quite scared of me. Hissing and avoiding me, etc. I managed to pick it up fairly easily because it kept dozing off, and as soon as I had it in my hands it was purring loudly. I gave it some milk (which it drank) and put it back on the porch in a box, in case the mother came. We had a big storm, and the next morning, the kitten was still curled in the box, a bit damp and cold.

So now I have a cute male kitten. But I'm unable to care for it, and to be honest it's not safe growing up in my father's house. (My dad is an inventor/tinkerer and his house is like a mad scientist's laboratory. It's unbelieveably cluttered.)

I took the kitten to the vet this morning, had it checked out, and the vet seemed to think it was in good health, and dewormed it. Sadly, every no-kill shelter I've contacted is full of cats and kittens, and turned me away.

It's very playful and affectionate, and has even managed to almost correctly use a tray of litter I put out. (It can dig a hole, hit the hole, but covering the deposit still needs some practice.)

Anyone want this little guy? Or have any tips to find him a good home? I've asked my friends, and I'm going to put an ad in the local free ad paper, but other than that I have no idea... Would be awesome if someone here who loves cats could give him a good home. My father's located in White Hall, IL, not too far from St. Louis, MO, Springfield, IL, etc.
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Such a cutie! It is a difficult time to find homes for kittens. Is your father able to care for him? Cats love clutter.

If you gave him regular cows milk from the grocery, it could cause diarrhea. Canned kitten food or kitten replacement milk will meet his needs.

Looks like he chose you. Any way for you to make room in your life? What about any extended relatives or friends?

Hoping something works out for the little guy.
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Yes, he's been on canned/dry kitten food for the last few days. He actually took to it immediately - I was quite surprised. And drank a lot of water the first day - I think he was dehydrated.

Cats may love clutter, but in this house there are lots of odd electonic equipment, milling machines, metal shavings on the floor, etc. My dad isn't much of a cat lover, besides.

The kitten has quite taken to me, but I'll be moving back to Ohio, and then quite possibly Japan (future is too uncertain), within a few months.
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Good news! A nice pair of girls responded to my ad and came and picked up the little guy. He's off to be an indoor cat in a house in the country somewhere.

Now I'm sniffing back tears and missing him quite a bit already. But I'm sure he'll have a wonderful life and I'm thankful I got to meet him!
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