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Aggressive ringleader

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Prissy, an older DSH, has been living with me for a while now and has always been pretty laid back. When I introduced my rescued mother cat, she was distant, but not really bothered. Now they get along very well, and clean each other. They've had a pretty calm relationship through everything. (We went through a little trouble when Pris wanted to steal the kittens, but now everything's ok. )

But now Mama Cat is preggers again, and Pris is getting violent. Not towards the mother, but a little toward the older kittens, and VERY aggressive towards strays. Let me give you some examples.

Pris was cleaning mama's chin, when one of the 15 wk old kittens came up to try to get her attention. (they still try to suckle, though there's no milk) As soon as the kitten put its nose down, Pris went into a hissing fit, batting at the kitten and chasing it out of the living room. Now mama cat bats at them too.

I have french doors to my porch, and Pris like to sit at the door and look at the strays and ferals that come up to eat. She's done this from the beginning and she usually just sits there and watches them quietly. But last, Pris went insane, clawing and scratching at the door like the house was on fire, using her "I want to sit on the porch" cry. I opened the door to let her out on the porch, but as soon as I did she saw a stray 15 feet off the porch. Even though it was raining, and she NEVER goes out in the rain, she took off after this cat, screaming at it and all bushed out. I didn't even have a chance to grab her before the super-friendly mama who love on EVERY kitty and every person took off through the cracked door too. I really think she only took off like that becasue she was folowing Prissy's cue. I had to go out into the rain to grab them both and bring them back in the house.

This is not normal behavior for either one, and they've had all their shots, so it shouldn't be rabies or anything.

I guess what I'm wondering is if Pris's new aggression is because she wants to protect the mama cat's new litter? Is she acting out because there's too many cats? Do you think she can even tell that Mama is preggers? She's acting more and more dominant every day, and the others are just following her lead. Now this once docile kitty is turning into a ringleader for evil. What can I do?
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Yes, it seems like Pris is acting like in the role of "police". In fact, doing what many mothers / ex mothers would do.

Ie, a) reject the old kittens when the new are oncoming.
b) chase off strangers who potentially may be a danger to the pregged mom / new kittens.

Im not sure if this behaviour is common, but I buy your hypothesis Pris is feeling of the mommas pregnancy.
Earlier she did wanted to take on herself the litter right? Now she takes on herself the policeman-duties - which often ARE done by a mom herself.

I would suggest a Feliway diffuser. It should calm down the things some, and make the atmosphere more harmonious.

Im wondering though:

Why is the mom not spayed yet??

And why do you have the kittens left, they are 15 weeks now. Do you want many new cats, or didnt you managed to find them homes??

Last. It is possible to spay and abort simultaneously. It is not big deal for a competent vet. It is not nice, but as you have great difficulty to find homes for the kittens you already have, you perhaps dont have any good choice here??
Im NOT saying this is my advice, but you may consider this if you wish.

Good luck!
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I think she said in a different thread that the vet didn't want to spay so soon after the mama cat's previous litter, and didn't want to spay/abort either. Maybe I'm mistaken. OP, I wish I had advice for you!
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You are exactly right. I wanted to get her spayed, but the vet wouldn't do it until her mlk dried up. As soon as it did, I took her in, but the vet said she was already about 3 weeks pregnant and she said she wouldn't abort later than 2 weeks. (although I think the cat was probably only about 2 weeks at the time. I think i have an anti-abortion vet.)

And I have tried to get these guys adopted, but there are SO MANY unwanted kittens here. I'm doing all I can think of. (I even adopted to pay the new owners $20 if they brought me proof that they got them spayed.)

But it makes sense that Prissy is acting as police. Loudmouth Mama cat isn't doing any of those behaviors. She still tries to nurse her old kittens. She wants to love on the strays that come up to my porch. The only time she acts "normal" is when she sees Pris doing it. Maybe Loudmouth doesn't know how to be a cat.
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