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To give moist food or not

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I love to occasionally give canned cat foods to Avalon as cat treats and she really enjoys them like we love our lobsters and prime rib dinners. That is how she acts when I serve them to her but then she has too many bowel movements that day or next day. I am a brand new cat owner and it is hard for me to tell if and when she has diarhea. I know she did one night a couple months ago since she cried right after a bowel movement and she didn't quite make the litter box which is a rarity for her.
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I give all mine a wet diet because some of them aren't water drinkers and they do get the water from the wet food. I have a couple that get Struvite Crystals, so we are better off with the wet, however I do put out dry food for them. Some times someone will have diarhea but not often.
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You might try a couple of different varieties of canned foods, to see if maybe a certain brand is too rich, etc., for her tummy, and that's when she gets the runs.

Since I work outside the home, I do a little wet morning and evening (and, you're right, that's the big hit of the day!), but leave a measured amount of dry out, since both mine are nibblers. I have noticed that if I give them a material amount more of wet on a given day, the stools get a bit looser. And, too many greenies will definitely trigger looser stools for my boy cat.

And, did you ever think you'd spend so much time checking and worrying over poo and pee?
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IMO its better for the cat to have at least one meal of canned a day and dry on the side as another meal. We feed a meal of dry in the morning, and supper is canned food.

Canned is better because too much dry can lead to problems with UTI's (especially the males).
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