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I have ants in my food cabinet!!!! What can I use safley so I don't harm my kitties!
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I've just been dealing with this next to my patio door...

Find out where they're coming in, if possible, and sprinly some pepper, black or cayenne, right there. I've also been using slightly diluted white vinegar... my patio door area looks like a total mess.... baking soda (first thing I tried, kinda works), then the half and half vinegar/water (okay, but didn't get eveything, so I added more vinegar, much better), and then also heavily sprinkled cayenne pepper... now the only ones I have left are the ones who were hiding but still inside...

I alos hear that food-grade diatomaceous earth is good... I needed something quick that i already had on hand... so I looked for other options... so far so good, and neither JoJo or Jack are having issues...

Hope that helps...

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We use food-grade diatomaceous earth. Works great!
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Here's a couple of recent threads:

I didn't have much luck with DE, but that may be because it's a little unrealistic to expect it to work when we'd have to completely do every inch of the perimeter and crawl under the house with it... IMO, it's better for use inside - where it won't get wet and you don't have large areas to cover.

We did use some Ortho brand spray for ants and did the perimeter of the house. This finally seems to be helping, but we'll need to redo a couple of spots and hope they don't find another way in. No idea what we'll do for the other ants.
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My cousin, who is pretty anti-chemical/pro-organic and has 3 cats, recently had an ant problem, and she used peppermint oil, I guess by the doorways and whatnot. It helped eventually.. Good luck!
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We saw our first ant parade this past week. We immediatly set out Terro liquid ant baits. It's a plastic, sealed cup with a tiny hole in it. The ants flocked to it and the next day there was no sign of them, and still haven't seen any. the cats don't even look twice at them and there's no way it could harm them. Well, they could be a problem if you have very young cats that are still getting into everything and chewing stuff, then I wouldn't recommend it. Thai is very curious, but even he didn't take any notice. You have to determine where the ants are getting in and then place a cup there.
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^ We tried those first, as did tdonline (mentioned in the second thread I posted a link to). I had the same experience. They seemed to work at first, then actually seemed to be attracting the unaffected ants.

If you want a safe way to put bait traps out, though, simply get a heavy ceramic mixing bowl and put it over the trap - place a coin under one edge of the bowl.
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