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I was there a few days ago and there was a momma cat with two kittens. They were at least in a barn, but the mom was very skinny and i could feel lots of her bones when i petted her. The kittens are still nursing from her, so that brings her body condition down besides. The kittens are also very skinny.

The mother cat looks somewhat like a siamese. There is one boy kitten that is black and a girl that looks just like momma. I feel so bad for them but can't do anything for them since I am only in South Dakota for about 12 more hours. There IS some food in another barn for them, but to me it looks like cheap cheap stuff that probably has no meat in it. It is bigger pieces of food (maybe dog food?) but is also dyed differant colors, looks almost like meow mix.

I know these aren't my cats, but when i see a cat in trouble i can't help it.

Does anyone on here live anywhere near there? The cats are probably left out there all winter when it isn't open. A few years ago i was there too and there were maybe 12 kittens, none of which are around anymore. I didn't know nearly as much then though so didn't think anything of it. I just wish that maybe someone on here could help?

Could anyone help? They should be fixed or something at least! With the money they get from people going through there all the time ($7 or $8) per person, they have to be able to feed better food. Better yet not have cats there at all because all the little kids want to keep petting them....

Is there a way to get them fixed (anyone on this site live near there)? Or do we all gang up and email them


Erica (FF50)