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anyone tried a tracking device for your cat?

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I have Smoke who I found in our barn with her sister. She is now an indoor cat, but I now have a problem. She has discovered how to come in and out of the doggy door. I need it for my 2 dachshunds, so I can't close it up. They are used to coming in and out as they need to. Well Smoke now has decided that she can do the same thing. As I don't know what else to do, I'm thinking of getting a tracking device. Smoke would wear the very light, small key on her collar. If I can't find her, I could track her down to within about an inch of where she is. I live way out in the country, and have barn cats that live here never go away. (they know a good thing when they have it lol). Has anyone ever used one before? here is the link for the one I'm thinking of getting.


Let me know what your thoughts are on this

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Hi mary,

um, would your dogs fit through a cat flap? If yes maybe a cat flap which recognizes an implanted chip would be ideal for you? The dogs could get out at will and the flap would be permanently closed for Smoke.


Other wise Mr Lee also has a cat tracker:


The locater thingy you've put a link on in your post has a range of 120 meters, which probably wouldn't be far enough. Also consider how often you'd have to change the batteries on these gagets.

Anyway- it will be interesting to hear which solution you choose in the end and how it works out for you.


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I think those look great. I would have loved to have one for my Sugar Ray who went in and out. The only problem was that he lost his collars constantly.

You could also replace your doggy door with one of those doors that has a sensor(not sure what it is called) and only opens for the doggies wearing a little sensor their collars.

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If you wish to keep her indoors, I'd look into the pet doors that have the sensor on the collar so only certain pets can get in/out of them.
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