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My boyfriend has told me I am officially abusing Bugsy LOL

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So Bugsy USED to sleep with me every night. To me it was our special bonding and I couldn’t get enough of it. He would snuggle in as close as possible and fall asleep with my arms around him purring… however, for the past three weeks he has not slept with me once!! This past week I have made it a point to wake up every few hours just to see where he is sleeping, cursing him in my mind every time I saw him sleeping peacefully without his Mommy.

After a weeks worth of research of course I did what any practical loving Mommy would do and this morning I went around the house and hid every bed that Bugsy has been sleeping on for the past week. I took away his Amazon box at the window, folded up his little quilt in the cat room on the bed, took away his comfy little cat bed in the kitchen, etc. Of course my boyfriend watched me, shaking his head, laughing, telling me I had crossed the line to abuse of forcing this poor cat to sleep with me and I was abusing my privileges of being a Mom.

Lol I will get him to sleep with me again that little poo head Lol I want my cuddles back!
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Well I would not call it abuse, but, mommy, let the cat sleep where he wants to!
We can't force animals to do what WE want. I miss snuggle time, my cat now sleeps in the window instead of cuddle time. Roll with it. No doubt they will be back
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You and I once both chatted about our cat beds. I remember you mentioning the Amazon box. I mentioned that Avalon had never used her kitty bed. I had by "mistake" moved it out of her room and now during the evening when we watch TV, she sleeps there. At night, she sleeps with me. I tend to get antsy if she does not show up in bed after a while.

I do not call it abuse. You just want your baby back.
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I think it's abuse that my husband banned the cats from the bedroom at nighttime. I miss cuddles too!
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Scooter, Pepper, and Fluffy think I am the cat bed. I am so relieved when they sleep elsewhere. Nothing like having 30 lbs of cat sleeping lined up on your side or back.
Pepper likes her cuddles in a very precise manner, and I must assume the position on my side so she can get up against my chest, lay her head on my bicep and twist my arm into a nearly impossible position to scratch her head. And it must be on the couch unless it is cold, then it must be under the covers on the bed. Otherwise she will sit across the room and look at me like I just beat her.
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Mine seem to go through "phases". Riley will sleep in one particular spot for weeks or a month and sleep there every night. Then he will move to a new bed or spot and sleep there for a while. He rotates around to my bed every couple months
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Thats funny. My cats go through fazes also. Right now ReeRee is being distant and it's killing me. He slept with me last night though. I almost cried.
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The first few months Cammy slept right between Jon and me in bed. Now she usually sleeps in her room by the patio doors. Sometimes she'll come in and sleep with Jon on his side. He always gets up before me for work or even on the weekends and she always comes and sleeps with me in the morning. I thought maybe she stopped sleeping with us because it's warmer out, but now that I'm reading these posts maybe she's just being a cat.
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With ours, they tend to like the bed when it is cold. When it warms up, all I have is DH in bed with me.
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So last night Bugsy did decide to sleep with us (since he has no where else to sleep LOL poor guy) only he didn’t sleep cuddled with me!! He slept in between my boyfriends knees. I picked him up and put him in his usual spot beside me and give him ear scratches, head rubs, belly rubs, to the point where he was yawning and purring. I thought he was asleep so I stopped petting him and that little bugger got up, whipped his tail in my face and went back to Daddies side to sleep!!

This morning, totally defeated, with my boyfriend laughing at me and telling me it’s not his fault he’s cooler then me, I put all the beds back.

On another note, anyone want a fluffy, white cat? Hahahah j/k he’s still my baby. I hope its just a phase, I loved that he slept and cuddled with me every night.
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Mine go through phases. Sometimes there is nothing I can do to get Swanie in particular to sleep on the bed, other times he's there all night. Usually Cindy starts out on the bed, over on DH's side (since she's basically a daddy's girl), then she'll get down and go for a snack. If Swanie comes in and gets on the bed (my side), she'll join him. Otherwise, neither of them will be on the bed. I just let them sleep where they want, knowing sooner or later they'll be back. Swanie is a big boy and takes up a lot of bed
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nice try anyway hun
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
With ours, they tend to like the bed when it is cold.
Same here. Now that the weather is warming up my kitties tend to sleep in the living room. However, once the cooler weather comes back I'll have 2 kitties pasted against me once again!

I second letting your cat sleep where he wants. He doesn't understand, all he knows is that his favourite spots have been taken away. If he's too hot cuddling with you at this time of year, he isn't going to want to cuddle you even if you do take away his sleeping places. He's just too hot. I know when it's hot out I don't want to be crowded either.
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My family's cat Midori goes in sleeping pattern cycles too.

People make good cat heaters. Midori definitely gets more cuddly during the cold weather months, and less so during the summer when she'd rather curl up in front of the fan or on the cool floor. This behavior is exagerated in her case 'cause of the lack of central heating in my parents' place.

We think they curl up with us 'cause they love us, and whlle i'm sure that's part of it, I think cats have a talent for finding the most comfortable bed available. And that includes temperature.

Maybe Bugsy will return to your bed when fall comes. You can snuggle and keep each other warm.
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