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Any Fanilows out there?

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I have had the song "I Write the Songs" stuck in my head for about a day now (was playing in a store I went to) and have time to ponder the lyrics. He did write SOOOO much, and even those who claim to hate him and never listen to his music know the lyrics to many a Manilow song. I even put my little disclaimer that the music was foisted upon me.
I think he is one of those artists that no one will admit to liking.
So come out of the closet Manilow fans, show your face and be recognized!
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I loved his music back in the 70's and 80's - saw him twice in concert in Pittsburgh. He had/has a great voice.
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I LOVE Barry Manilow. I don't hesitate to admit it, either. I've seen him in concert three times, and would love to see him again. He's a real showman. I got started on his music at 15. I swore up and down that Amanda by Boston was the ONLY some wiht my name... whoops. My mother and brother proved me wrong the next day by having an album of Barry's songs waiting on my bed for me when I got home from school... first song, first side? Mandy. Mind you, I hate being called Mandy. I listened to that song only for a week... then the whole first side for a week... the the whole album... Copacabana was on Side B... I was hooked. 21 years later and I still love his music. I bought the big four disc collection twice just because the second one had the DVD instead of the VHS tape like the first one...

Loud and Proud Barry Manilow Fan!

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I've always been a fan, I love his music.
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Only 3 replys so far, you guys are going to force me to sing! I have nothing better to do so this is a threat!
"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."
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Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking, and you sent me away OH Mandy!
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I am music, and I write the songs.
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I Barry Manilow!!!!
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Ok, ok....

"His name was Rico, he wore a diamond..."

I've done that for Karaoke!!

I've been in the closet about Barry Manilow all my life. I will not acknowledge liking him except to my closest friends. I love his music...
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I'd normally be listening to classical or my Peter, Paul & Mary folder on iTunes while doing web design, but no... what am I listening to? Barry. I started with the Broadway album... I love that album. I have it all ripped into iTunes, so I made a Smart Playlist for him and him alone.

The only one I don't have is the 70's remakes album... I love the 50's one... I just can't bring myself to buy the 70's CD... I spent much of the 80's and 90's trying to erase some of the campy songs from the 70's... and Barry's songs don't count in the campy category...

although, I do love the BeeGees too.

Okay, going back to revamping a badly outdated website... someone remind me why I do this for no pay? oh yeah... the group has no money to spend to pay someone to work on it... no wonder it hasn't been updated in over three years...

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I love Barry Manilow as well. Mostly his older 70s stuff because I really haven't heard anything he's been doing lately. I think my favorite song of his is Even Now.
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I just love Barry Manilow! Drives my DH crazy, but I think he's in denial.
That said, I also love AC/DC. My taste in music is all over the place!
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Love Manilow! I used to have all his music. Most of it got left with my ex's mom, so now I have to replace it, but yeah....Manilow is the greatest!
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