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Healthy Newborn Kittens ?

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My persian just delivered 7 live kittens, 1 stillborn in a record 2 hours.

This is her first litter and she is trying to feed the kittens, but, her nipples are not long enough to grasp in their mouthes. The milk glands are very hard and flat beneath the skin like the fat pad you pull off the chicken before you roast it. Some of the nipples are surrounded with a bright red patch.

I have potties the kittens to try to show mom what to do and some of the kittens pee is brown. This just doesn't seem right to me. I almost thought it was blood until it seeped into the cloth and I saw it was brown in color. The poops are black as they should be.

I have given the kittens warm electrolights with Karo syrup to keep up their strength and warm them up a bit. Any suggestions?
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Teresa I would bottle feed the babies- KMR and quickly- If mom will tolerate it, place a warm damp cloth on her belly- It sounds like mastitis to me and if it is, mom is in a lot of pain and the babies will not be getting any milk. The mom needs a vet and the babies are in danger of starving to death- so I would bottle feed now.
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Oh Wow,
I hope the kittens are healthy! And that the mommy doesnt have that!

And if she does she recovers quickly!
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Thanks Hissy!

I knew I wouldn't get away from syringe feeding for long!LOL
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Thanks Crystal! I hope she feels better soon too. She is just so exhausted.
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Mary Ann

should I make them kitten glop? Is it OK for newborns?
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I think right now I would stay with KMR as their stomachs are not quite developed and that stuff is fairly rich. As they grow, you might add some to the formula. If I was closer, I would come and lend a hand.
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Teresa? Do you have the elongated tubing nipples that fit on the end of the bottles? Tomorrow call the vet and ask for a baby squirrel nipple- most vets carry them it is just easier for the babies to nurse because it goes back into their throats without obstructing their air way- they are a lifesaver for newborns- good luck!
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OK All the places with KMR are closed so we are making watered down goats milk with a little karo added. Should I add anything else? Tonight it will be syringes and we will get bottles tomorrow. I called the vet who recomended hot packs for Mom and told me to make sure the kitten fed off her... Hard to do if they can't get the nipple into their mouth.

I'm sure my regular vet will be a better help anyway!
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Well goat's milk isn't the best for them especially if it is pasturized, but then neither is absolutely nothing to eat. Good luck with these little ones- sounds like you better buy the big can of powdered KMR versus the small cans of liquid.
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Some sort of Kitty Milk formula with egg is what we use!

My hopes are high for those kitties! Sending kitty LIVE vives ||||||||||||||||||||||, Keep us updated Teresa! Hang in there!
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Sam you're the sweetest! See if your Grams will send along the recipe
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Teresa if you use eggs no whites, not this young, only the egg yolks. egg whites and young kitties don't go together well. Just the KMR will be sufficient to bring these babies up in the first days of their lives, and then as they get older you can go to Kitten Glop and add it to their formula- but again you would have to separate the egg whites and feed only the yolks because they are so tiny.

How are they doing? How are YOU doing with feedings every two hours?
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I'm pretty tired as usual. LOL Kittens are fat and sleeping so I came in for my morning Cat Site fix! Some people drink coffee I check the posts at the site LOL
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You and me both- Starbucks, computer and cats that pretty much sums up my mornings.

No problems with eliminations for these little ones? Woman, you must be tired! I hope you have a good bottle feeding support team at the ready!

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I don't have a soul here. No one in the family is a cat person. Even my friends all have dogs and most are allergic to cats! lol I will see if some of my 16 year olds female friends will be interested in helping out.
Gotta feed Frankie now and then the adults. The kitten I rescued back from the breeder has begun to yowl and she won't use her back leg. I hope it isn't serious, but it probubly is

Is it illegal to solicite funds if you are not non-profit? I'm needing a medical fund for my kitties.

The "Give Me $20,000" website seems like a good idea. We just shelled out our last $900. for a new radiator for the car. The last on blew up. Wish hubby had a job.

Oh yeah feed kitties....zzzzzz....oh better stand up or I'll dozzzz..

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If you were closer as I said I would be over, I know what you are up against. I would call your vet's office and ask the staff if any of their kids might be available to help out? If you keep going like this woman, you will be dead on your feet!
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Vet has cleared Rudy, she just has too much milk! We have to hand express before latching on kittens. Yeah! I can take a nap right after I feed Frankie!
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hope all the kitties are doign well! I don't know how ya do it!!
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Gee, it's easy I just make everyone eat fast food and let the house go to pot! Good thing I don't have a job or I would be fired by now!
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That is so good to hear! Those rings had me concerned about mastitis. I am glad you are hands free now!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Gee, it's easy I just make everyone eat fast food and let the house go to pot! Good thing I don't have a job or I would be fired by now!
hubby and i have been eating fast food and the house going crazy just because of the five kittens and the 6 month old kitty
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It's crazy here but Iwouldn't have it any other way! did I mention I also have a mourning dove with a broken wing I'm trying to nurse back to health? That is the easy one as s/he just sits eats sleeps and well you get my drift... Itis in an outdoor cage and we just leave it alone only going over to check food and water.
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It's Highlander Condensed Milk.
Royal Canin Kitten Forumla and Egg Yolk , I bet you don't have the HCM over there

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Nope, but we do have Carnation condenced milk it may be similar. Tell your Grans thank you for the info!
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Oh Yes it is , we have that here also!

Will do Sam!
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I took a look at your web site and the kittens are adorable! Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more updates.
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