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Smoke came home

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I don't know whether to hug her or beat her,(just a figure of speech, I would never hurt her). Just getting ready for bed, and heard the dogs barking on the porch. Went out to check, and there she is, on her favorite place, looking at me as if to say "WHHHAAT". I've closed off the doggie door so she can't go back out. At least now I know that she can find her way home. And what is funny is that I saw Gray Cat out looking in the treed area for her early this evening. She always seems to find whoever I send her out looking for. call me crazy, but Gray Cat is awesome. I'm so happy I don't think I can sleep.

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Always good to hear when things turn out so well like that.
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Aww that is fantastic news! What a relief!
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So happy to hear she came home!! I know how it is to wonder where they are...I still am

I am very happy for you though!
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Great news. I'm so happy for you
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Yay for Smoke!!!
(No, not accidentally cross posted from the leagalize weed thread )
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Thread Starter guys crack me up...(ok...bad choice of words)..Smoke stayed in bed with us almost all night. She would only sleep if her head was in the palm of my hand. It's amazing how they work their way into our hearts. Now my next thought is what do I do about the doggie doors? She knows how to come in and out of them now, so how am I going to keep her in the house? I can't keep the doors lock, as my poor little girls need to go out. (I have dachshounds).I'm thinking of a infra-red cat door, and putting the keys on the dogs. Or maybe that child tracker device that will tell me where she is. THe only problem with that is I would have to attach it to her collar, and it is a breakaway collar. Or should I just allow her to be inside and out? I know that isn't really what I want, but as all the other barn cats stay right here with us (usually on the porch or between the porch and barn, which is maybe 20 yards) Smoke, of course, is spayed and has had all her shots, so she would be ok in that regards. any thougts?

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That is GREAT news!
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I think I'd try the infra-red pet door, with keys for the dogs only. Since they're pretty small, Smoke won't have much of a chance to sneak out underneath them (as my sister's cats have done - she has a St. Bernard and a Boxer).
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Well, I've ordered an electronic doggy door. After reading all the reviews, I found out that electronic doors are the best. It seems the infra-red can be affected by sunlight and isn't as accurate at electronic. There wasn't alot of good about the maganitic ones. Seems if the magnet isn't exactly over the spot, it doesn't work, and that it can affect things in the house so far as being a magnet. So hopefully, it will be here in a week. We shall see how it goes. At the moment, I'm keeping the outside doggy door locked so she can't get out. I just have to remember to let the dogs out . It seems as if Smoke runs out the doors and loves being under the house. I don't understand it.

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